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Kettlebell "Make A Mountain" - Great Getup Article on the Blog

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I really enjoyed this article - thanks for linking it. What I really like about kettle bells is how in-depth the focus is on technique, seems like there's always another tweak to perfect.

Is there a tip or something for the "reverse step", meaning the elbow to roll, when we get down ? Indeed at this step, I naturally tend to deviate my arm. For instance, if I have the bell on the right, my arm tends to go left at this step.

Thank you :)

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There are a lot of subtly different ways we can interpret the TGU, even when following the instructions in the S&S book - things like simply where you’re imagining the force going and how much pressure to apply with what appendage where. This is a great article and I can use the insight when moving up from 40 to 48 sometime in the next several months.
I understand the cue "make a mountain" and I will certainly keep it mind for others.
However I tried it myself and I was disaster :(
Thanks for all the feedback everyone.
@Rayhzel yeah that is an issue that didn't make it into the article. start by making your off side leg "active" instead of "passive". drive the off side heel into the ground and point the toes of that foot towards the sky or even think about pulling the toes towards your knee on that side. You can have someone put a band around that foot and apply light tension to draw your attention to it for a few reps then take the band away and practice a few more to drill keeping that leg down. this is another really good RNT tool to teach your brain how to keep rooted on that side.

@pet The tip of the pull on the way up and push on the way down is great. As you lower yourself from the elbow keep your chest big and shoulders packed and literally lower yourself down. this should be just as active as moving from to the elbow (if that makes any sense).
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