Question Mat for Turkish Getup?


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I've been practicing the Turkish Getup in my living room, which has a hardwood floor, which so far has been ok as I've been working between Prone and Tall Sit positions. But I've started working on the transition to the Lunge position and I've struggled to find a way to minimize the pressure between my knee and floor. I've used a yoga mat for lunge stretches but it seems a little small for TGU practice.

How are others dealing with TGU practice on a surface harder than carpet or grass?


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Rubber horse stall mat. One works, but I went and got two. I think mine are 4x6, so my area is actually eight feet long and six feet wide. They are durable, indestructible, solid, and made in Canada. I want to get two more to increase the size so the kids and I have a bigger area to spar and roll around on.


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I have some cheap interlocking gym mats covered by a cheap carpet. Probably less than $100 all in...


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I use knee pads I normally use for Muay Thai. If need be, you can also use elbow pads, but I never found that necessary.


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You can get a 6x6 yoga mat on Amazon. I used one when I lived with all hardwood floors.

Tim Randolph

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I like the ideas in this thread, but what i have been able to make do with a regular exercise or yoga mat when I am in similar circumstances - usually a hotel gym with crazy hard floors. I just do my get up so that the down knee is on the mat and the lunge foot is typically off. You have to to aware of the lip of the mat, but it's never given me any problems.


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Thanks everyone!

I decided to get an area rug for my living room. At 5' x 7' it's a little big but it feels more spacious and luxurious (not too thick though!) than my normal-sized yoga mat.
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