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Hi, first time poster, long time lurker.
I was wondering what quality of mats are needed to protect the floor. I currently do most of my KB work at home on an area carpet over hardwood floor. I'd like to get some mats instead. I've seen Walmart has some for as low as $15 per set of 4, and Home Depot has some options in between that and up to $50. I'd rather get something that's going to last and pay more, but am not sure if the less expensive ones would work as well.
Thanks. Ben


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I have hardwood floors with no carpet, and use a Gold's Gym mat from Walmart that's actually made to put under equipment (like treadmills and exercise bikes). It's thinner and doesn't interfere with getups by being squishy. It's done well for a few years and I plan to keep using it. It cost around $20.


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Thanks, Jan, Sean, Matts.

That's a nice set up. I'm thinking of putting them in the kitchen so I don't have to keep moving the coffee table and pushing the couch back when I need the space, and moving the table out to the living room. (Old houses have weird set ups)
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