Me and Myself Believe that I Have Been a Bit of a Hypocrite


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So I recently posted a big milestone (for me) and detailed my methods for attaining my goal. Of which, I make mention of using weighted calisthenics. I've also made comments detailing how barbells may or may not be better than calisthenics despite them undoubtedly providing a quicker route to strength gains. I then made the connection; how utilizing weighted calisthenics is essentially the same as using barbells to make faster progress.

Feeling sheepish, I figure some here may have already made that connection and have been kind enough not to call me out on it. However, I notice my elbows are not real happy with me using weights with my calisthenics, and it has again resolved me to do away with weights. This may not be anyone else's goals but I am simply trying to shore up some inconsistent comments I have made.


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We all have our own path to our enlightenment (and goals).
That's what is great about this forum, nobody will judge you, only support!
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