MMM kettlbell vs barbell


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Which helps mma more kettlbell programs like simple and sinister and enter the kettlbell or barbell training?


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There is not necessarily a "best tool". Most of the success comes from the method.

How many times per week do you train ?
What is you current level of "Strength & Conditioning" ?

It will be extremely difficult to get all your preparation with only one session. S&S is considered excellent if you want to go for something minimalist (good result, time efficient, very general).

Otherwise, I would do, on alternate days:
- S&S
- Ladder of C&P (possibly paired with squat (pistol, goblet...) and ladder of C&J (at the beginning while you are fresh and powerful)

Nonetheless, you can also get very good results using barbells. Mike Dolce provides excellent stuff on YouTube. Basically, a steady diet of full body compound lift:
- DL & Squat & OVH press & pull up for overall strength
- C&J / Snatches for power

Eventually, even bodyweight provide extremely good results. Phil Daru, another excellent MMA coach has super material on YouTube (but he also has bands / resistance training). Bodyweight Armour (or something similar) is an example.

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