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Paul Sellers

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I'm reasonably flexible for a man of my age ( I think) except in one area - my feet. From my hamstrings down through my ankles, under my foot right up to my toes I am tight like iron. I've tried rolling, stretching but still tight.

Any suggestions gratefully welcomed.

I'm a desk jockey btw.

Geoff Chafe

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Roll lactose ball on your feet for a few minutes, a few times a day. Put as much weight on the ball as you can handle.

Bend forward as far as you can, roll your heel for a minute or two. Bend forward after, you may be surprised how much more range of motion you achieve.

King Cobra Fit

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I can't see the vids above as YouTube is blocked on the network I am on right now, but my suggestions would be:
1 - roll a ball under your foot for a couple of mins per foot
2 - practice lifting just your big toe on each foot (shoot for 10-20 per side)
3- practice lifting just the other four toes and leave the big toe planted(shoot for 10-20 per side)
4- practice spreading your toes as far apart as you can and then relax (shoot for 10-20 per side)
5- practice squeezing your toes as close together as you can then relax (shoot for 10-20 per side)
-check hip flexion - make sure you can touch your toes with straight legs (if not see FMS)
Add some soft tissue and some leg raise drills
- Check ankle mobility - how far can you get your toes away from a wall and still touch your knee to the wall while keeping your heel planted (goal is 4-5")
if not, soft tissue and add some ankle mobility drills

Your posterior chain (including fascia) all play off of each other all the way to your toes

I've played with this and have built it into practice for some of the people that work with. might take some practice.

An important questions would be, what kind of foot wear do you wear most? do you spend much time bare foot?

If you think about what happens to someones leg after being in a cast for a few months, loss of muscle mass and decreased motor control ect. esentally shoes are casts for our feet. spend less time bound and get those dogs running free ;)

If things have changed since you last posted, what did you do?


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I am not the most limber, especially in the areas you have mentioned, but I have made significant progress by:

Lego rocking from original strength

The Iron Curtsy (make sure your foot is dorsiflexed and not dropping as you bend for an especially good stretch)

Plain old sitting in the squat. Spending lots of time in the bottom position of the bodyweight squat, relaxing into the depth, and making sure my feet are not pronating or collapsing have helped my ankles.

And yes, it'd be great to know if you have had any success and what helped!

Steve Freides

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I find my pistols helped by stretching calves, hamstrings, and lower back just before I do them.

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