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Kettlebell Modifying S&S vs Q&D


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I'm currently in the process of wrapping up the Russian Bear program. I do enjoy this program but I miss my kettlebells. I don't like modifying programs but I have a minor shoulder injury that flares up from time to time. Too many one handed swings or too many push ups might aggravate it. My 2 options would be s&s with 2 handed swings or q&d snatches.
I thought if I did s&s, at the top of my get ups I could do a windmill to kind of make up for doing 2 handed swings.
Any advice would be very appreciated.


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hopefully others will chime in, but I have to ask:

Why is it that you think snatches will be less of a problem for your shoulder than one handed swings?

also, have you had your shoulder checked out?

I don't mean to come across negatively, but I have been the one to train through/ or around an injury instead of fix the injury. I hope we can save you some aggravation.


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As far as I understand it, the program stands 'as is' at least until you reach sinister.
That said, program includes 2h swings so, personally, I don't see a problem. And who knows, maybe it will help shoulder issue.
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