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Hi, i’m currently searching 32kg bell for my s&s progression. But my question is what to get after that? Right now my short term goal is to achieve s&s timed simple but no long term goal. I have one of each bells 12, 16, 20, 24, 28. When i achieve my goal, do I get 36kg bell and continue s&s training or get second 16 or 20kg bell and do something else?


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Sure, go for a 36kg if you want to continue S&S further. But you are only looking for 32kg, so work on that first. :)
When that starts to feel almost light, decide what you want to do next.

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Right now my short term goal is to achieve s&s timed simple
Which version of S&S are you following? V1.0 is where you keep working on compressing the rest in one of your weekly sessions to hit the test time. V2.0 wants you to work up your daily sessions with larger bells (36/40) and "down" testing your weekly timed session until you work ups to the 32kg simple timed standard?
If you're following V2.0, and your goal is to hit timed simple standard, then you go heavier.


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I find double 24s and 28s to be very good in terms of getting a lot of work done. I will admit that I made a bit of a mistake in getting too many bells too quickly compared to my progress. If I were starting again I think I would get 16, 2x24, 32 to start and then add 2x28 and another 32 down the road.


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Once I reached simple, I bought a 40kg bell and continued with the program with that. It worked well enough and I was able to do the 100 swings and 10 get ups at that weight (although not under any real time constraint) at a body weight of 64kg but I do feel like I got diminishing returns at that point and, if I were going to progress from 32kg now I would probably invest in a second 24kg bell and transition to double kettlebell work.
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