Morning training particularly taxing

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Iron Pupil

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So basically I've started doing my training first thing in the morning. I'm doing everything the same as when I would train in the afternoons but I'm finding things a lot harder, post training fatigue lasts longer and I am also crazy hungry all day. Is it just cos i am not used to training at this time of day? Is there some sort of training effect happening that i don't understand? Has anyone got some insight as to whats going on? I'm super confused.


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Hi Lewis,
I experience the same...more hungry, sometimes weaker when training, but this depends on what I have eaten the night before. If I had more carbs, I feel like the tank is filled. I have an espresso with some coconut oil before, so I am not really fasted. I hardly workout in the morning (only at weekends, if) because my appetite goes through the roof. I have heard that if you train fasted in the morning, the body wants more carbs during the day. I feel like this is true.
I extend my warm up when I work out in the morning, doing more mobilizing exercises and no weights.
1. Not only training in the morning.
2. Small snack before.
3. Extend warm up.
4. No fasting after practice.
Just my experience :) no science!


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Lewis, morning is not optimal—but you will adapt eventually if you stick to it.

Read "What is work capacity?", Part II blog.

Steve Freides

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Lewis, I think of what you've described as "exercise jet lag" and, just like jet lag, it takes time to get used to.

In your place, the first thing I would do is lower the volume, intensity, or both of my exercise - to the point where it feels like about the same level as you felt when you exercised later in the day. As you adapt to the time change, you will be able to increase back to your previous exercise levels.



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I have not experienced that but I have been training in the morning about 1 hour after I wake for the past 8 years or so 5-6 days a week. So there probably is an adjustment period.

Daniel Holtz

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I wake up at 4:50 am, get dressed, drive to the gym, and usually start my warm up by 5:20 am. I used to always work out after work, but I simply don't have time for that anymore. I am used to it now; but, on the odd occasion that I get to train after work in the afternoon, I notice that the warm up is super easy, I move much more fluidly, and my strength is very much increased. I fully agree that early morning training is not optimal. If I want to attempt a new weight or workout, I will try to plan it for an afternoon/evening session if possible.


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I have heard conflicting things about a.m. and p.m. training.

Some claim that a.m. training is optimal because it jump starts your metabolism and accelerates fat loss.

Others claim that p.m. training is optimal for strength training especially because it helps stimulate growth hormone production at night as you sleep and recover.

There are also some people who suggest a split a.m. and p.m. schedule to for optimal results.

I did a fasted a.m. workout plan for 6 months and hated it. Now I am doing S and S at night after dinner before bed. I am also doing the S and S warm-up in the morning just to get my body out of sleep mode. Personally I like p.m. better because it helps me wring out tension from the day and produces better quality of sleep.

According you all of your experience and research what are optimal times and why?

Stuart Elliott

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Wlliam I found the same. Changes in family life and work meant i switched from pm to am and back to pm for S&S, over a year (recently back to pm). Morning training was tough (6am), I felt less strong than training in the evening and my technique would slip. Now I'm able to get home at a more reasonable time see the kids have dinner and the practise around 8pm. My strength is much better and my technique sharper. I also do OS and some armbars and windmills with a 16kg in the morning.
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