Most effective Kettlebell Cues

Discussion in 'Other' started by conor78, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. conor78

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    Reading a fantastic book at the moment called "The pressure principle." One of the chapters deals with implicit and explicit learning and the use of metaphors/visual cues. For me the use of visual cues really help unlock some movements such as "pour the pitcher"for the snatch, "make a mountain for the TGU."
    What are the most effective cues you have used for:
    Swing double and single arm
    Clean and Press
    Double Clean
    Double C and J
  2. Steve Freides

    Steve Freides Forum Administrator Staff Member Senior Instructor

    Not on your list, but one of my favorites is for the barbell deadlift: push the floor away.

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  3. Gronk87

    Gronk87 Double-Digit Post Count

    For the clean: zip your jacket.
    Pavel's classic: tame the arc
    Setup position for the swing: giggle your toes so your bodyweight rests in the heels
    When swinging, wait for the backswing momentum going to zero and EXPLODE
    For the final moment of the snatch: Indiana Jones whip

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  4. conor78

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    Brilliant guys...
  5. Harald Motz

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    on the double snatch:
    "if they don't land gently, you're doing it wrong"

    " cue is highly sophisticated so I will attempt to lay it out in great detail without overwhelming you. In fact, I will give it to you word-for-word so you don't forget ist. Here it is:
    Okay, SNATCH!"
    - from Geoff Neupert Kettebell Strong
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  6. Kettlebelephant

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    Clean: Uppercut yourself! - made a big difference for me when I realised my best cleans were those where I felt like I was almost punching myself in the chin.
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  7. conor78

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    I remember that G Nuepert one works really the uppercut cue
  8. MikeMoran

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    Wait out the hinge and Attack the crotch/Zipper for the Swing.
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  9. Gronk87

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    Regarding this too, stomp the ground when getting into position.

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