Most natural way to train?

Discussion in 'Bodyweight' started by dobie, Oct 22, 2019.

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    Hasbro- you are correct, I didn’t claim that. That’s another discussion. I don’t know that anyone has the answer for what is the best way to train. Part of it would depend on the goal or priority. If one is training for health and longevity, feeling good, etc, not in any kind of competition, but training to stay fit I could make a strong case that body weight, gtg type training is the best.
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    here’s where I think we’ll agree to disagree... there is nothing inherently more natural about bodyweight movements vs loaded movements, but I will agree that in the big picture modalities don’t matter, principles do

    i also think there is a season for everything. I do a program very similar to GTG for a number of exercises currently so obviously I agree with that, but also there is a time where maintenance/GTG is not enough and actively pushing for progress is advised (endless maintenance / GTG only works if you are maxed out on health and longevity, otherwise you are missing out)

    edited to add: I used to be a lot more strongly believing in your point of view, and had a similar discussion elsewhere about GTG/frequent easy movement being best or not; and I have to say @Anna C made a very strong and convincing case for pushing strength and fitness actively, so I am somewhat convinced to keep pushing now as you can see above :)
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    Another point to ponder- once we reach a certain level in strength, fitness, etc, as we age and get into our 5th decade and beyond would maintaining actually be progressing?
    Example- for simplicity, if you can do 50 push-ups without stopping at age 50 and you reach age 62 and can still do 50 I would say you made progress- because you are fighting aging, and didn’t get injured.
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    Yes I agree with that!

    the only question remains... could you have gone to 70 pushups in that time?

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