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Discussion in 'Barbell' started by Patrik Novák, Oct 27, 2019.

  1. Patrik Novák

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    Hi everyone I want ask you on yours opinions on:

    what do you think of the GPP fitness program by coachs from Tactical Mountain athletes?

    Because I know that here are some really experienced athletes ...

    For years I was do S&S,A+A and now Q&D
    my main focus is rock climbing, bow hunting and mountain hikes ...
    I know Strongfirst is the perfect author of various programs, but on the other hand, TMA captivated me with some opinions ... Loaded rucking, Sandbags TGU ,carries and so.
  2. banzaiengr

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    I would refer back to your GPP program for bow hunting post. Then for rock climbing I'd see what @offwidth does. That cat is a machine.
  3. Bro Mo

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    I've done some of Rob's programs and I get injured almost every time now. His programs were good for me until I had a family and couldn't recover well enough.

    Bow hunting: ruck + renegade row
    Climbing: climbing
    Mountain hiking: mountain hiking
  4. Tirofijo

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    It’s been years, but I followed Mountain Athlete for a while. It was basically longer Crossfit workouts with a heavy emphasis on step ups. I was younger (obviously) and with great endurance. I didn’t get stronger but did get beaten down. Looking back some of the sessions were dumb. I remember taking a bar and weights to the football field and doing lunges up and down the field. I could barely walk for the next few days. I have no desire to train that way again.

    I would hope his training has gotten better. Most of those Crosfitt-derived programs have recognized the need for more raw strength and less met-con smoke sessions designed to leave you a sweaty mess. Maybe he has adjusted too.

    I know he’s also gotten into very specialized program for various endeavors and selection process. I’ve had buddies do them. Some did well and some didn’t. I don’t think they are sustainable but could be ok for peaking (if you don’t get hurt in the process.)
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  5. psmith

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    Bad GPP. Good SPP. Bad all year round. Good six weeks out.

    His step-up progressions, in particular, are a pretty clever way to train for the mountains if you don't have a big hill right in your back yard.
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  6. ShawnM

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    Some of Rob's programs are half decent but I agree with a few of the others, recovery is damn near impossible if you are an older, 40+, athlete. The original APFT program was great for my Navy PFT and some of the group fitness programs were really good.
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  7. offwidth

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    If you want to go fast in the mountains...

    'Training for the new Alpinism '
    'Training for the Uphill Athlete'
    Both by: House | Johnston

    @Bro Mo is right if you want to train for climbing... go climbing... there are no shortcuts, or substitutes. If you want to get good by any real definition of the word then that is what one must do.

    Box Steps can help with fitness to a degree... but real climbing goes way beyond fitness... way beyond...

    @banzaiengr ... thank you for the kind words...
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  8. Xene

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    I used one of those programs last winter (LE - Officer, Whiskey) and I love it. I did just one complete program and I felt fit but it also burned me down. So it's a nice Bus Bench program for some weeks or months per year.
  9. Patrik Novák

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    What do you think of modern training programs for Tactical athletes like Mountain Tactical Athlete or so ...
    These modern program for Law enforcement,Firefighters,Mountain athletes ...Include nearly all basic human movement hinge, rotational exercises,Push pull,core and plus some hard Metcon or crossfit complex

    I think these programs seem to be pretty puzzling producing a lot of lactic acid but on the the hand I think A little bit if HIIT training is good for Mitochondrial and hormonal Response.
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  10. Patrik Novák

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  11. Patrik Novák

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    Thankyou so old gold=A+A basic GPP for everything
  12. Xene

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    That's what I do now as well. Basic A+A, some sprints, some easy runs. For than enough for a LEO.
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  13. psmith

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