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He was a champion among champions. In middle age he defeated young and very strong athletes, and always was a gentleman.

Louis Cyr

Biopic of Louis Cyr, strongest man in the world at the end of the 19th Century.


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I haven't heard about Cyr for years, I don't know why but he always seems to miss out on the accolades that were given to the likes of Saxon and Sandow etc. The only time I've ever heard of him was from Canadians I know who revere him as the strongest man ever.

One story I remember was about a challenge he had going and Sandow wouldn't take him on. I can't remember the details but in his day he took on all challengers and was never headed. Some of his lifts have been surpassed in the modern era but he did it all before steroids, growth hormones and other performance enhancing substances.

He was never a front page model for a magazine but his achievements speak volumes. Maybe if he looked a bit more like the classic men from the days of physical culture he would have been more well known.
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