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I'm moving into an (expensive!) apartment and I need some extra money so I'll be selling books/dvd and different equipment. I have:

1. Olympic barbell and plenty of plates- 6x45, 2x35, 2x25, 4x10, 4x5, 2x2.5
Some rust, but a coat of black paint and that problem will be gone.
2. Weighted dip belt
3. 1x16 kg, 1x50lb, and 1x32kg bell (all heavily used)
4.Kettlebell Strong book plus extras(MOM etc) plus dvd set, and ketlebell muscle book

I'm asking $450 for it all or best offer. I'll also throw in a t-bar and ~150lbs of standards plates. Shoot me a PM if interested.


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The 16kg, 32kg and dip belt are gone. Everything else is fair game for $350 or best offer.


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KBM and Strong books are gone.

Barbell, 1x50lb kettlebell, MKM and Strong DVDs are still available.
I'd let it all go for $200, or best offer.
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