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Hey Everybody,
New to the forum however not new to KB’s. Recently got back on the KB train and signed up for the SF app (which I’m loving). Started Moving Target last week and started off with a 16kg KB. A 24kg KB isn't there yet for Presses for the full cycle however a 16 is seeming light. I was wondering if there is a way to start cycling in a 24kg bell similar to how we do in S&S and if anyone has any experience with this. Thanks


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Hello and welcome to the forum!

I haven´t done the Moving Target Complex myself this way, but this is what came to my mind:

You could try the following progression, which @Pavel Macek used in a program with ladders for the bent press.

Keep the reps of the "target" at (2,3,5) and start adding the heavier weight first for the set of 2, then for the set of 3, and finally for the set of 5. You have to go by feel here. Increase the weight for the next set as soon as you feel confident to do next higher rep count with it.
That being said, this could take some time, since the jump from 2x16kg to 2x24kg is quite a big one, especially for the press.

If you should decide to try this, please let us know how it works, since it would be interesting to know!

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Glad to hear you are enjoying the StrongFirst Training App.

RE: "layering" in the 24kg
You could use it for the first sets of 2 in the Moving Target for the press and then drop to the 16 for sets of 3 and 5.
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