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Bodyweight MUSCLE MASS Without A Gym

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G.S. Luthra

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This is posted with my permission. I have edited it.

Steve Freides,
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Dear Strong First Community,

I’d like to ask for your review of my free book –
MUSCLE MASS Without A Gym FREE on Kindle for 5 days.

Multiple sets of reps is too vague for me with my manic schedule. I needed a more systematic approach so I developed a program that worked for me and now wish to share with struggling hard-gainers.

It uses what I call the 60/40 method, a 2 set protocol using fixed percentages based off of your max with weekly progressions. This enabled me to gain without weights, shakes, dieting, or meat (vegetarian).
Even with working 12+hrs daily for years, this magically worked.

Try it and let me know how it works for you on Amazon.

I know others prefer different protocols for mass, but this worked wonders for me and others who read it already so I can only give what I know. For me as a hard-gainer who had minor thyroid issues, this worked best. I used the natural yoga and home remedies in the book to break the limitations.

I thank Pavel for providing the foundation for strength training and allowing me to connect with you.

Thanks, and enjoy the summer beach!

-G.S. Luthra
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Hi @G.S. Luthra, welcome to Strongfirst, and thanks for sharing your book. I've read about 1/3 and am enjoying your way of writing!

Apologies if this question is covered later in the book, but do you mind telling me if you have tested the routine on someone else besides yourself? And also, can you share your specific result you have obtained with each of the programs? for instance:

- You did the bulking routine for XX months, and you increased your max pushups and max squats from YY to ZZ. Also, you gained so many pounds, obtained visible abs or whatever.

- You did the strength program for XX months, and and increased you one leg squat max to YY, and the same for pushups. Changes in muscle mass, body composition, etc?

All programs look extremely easy and take very little time, so obtaining good results would be a pleasant surprise.

Good luck with your book!

G.S. Luthra

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Hi Oscar, thanks for getting it.

Most of your questions should be answered later, but there is a before/after in the book. I wasn't allowed to post a link to my site, but if you search the book title on Google, you will find it and there is another free PDF with more pics with dates.

-Yes before the free promotion, others got it and I've received good feedback, one posted on Amazon. It was just released this summer, so looking forward to hearing what others experience which is why I posted here.

-Haven't tested in a while, but I started experimenting sometime end of last spring and was at around 15 one leg crab squats and then did 26 afterwards in May. That's when I solidified the 60/40 mass building method. So I'd say about 2 months. The emphasis is more on mass though. Last time I maxed, did 12 jumping pistols, but that was a different protocol I was testing.

-I know I used to only be able to do about 17-19 pushups and did 26 I think it was last time I checked.

- Before about 10-12 janda situps/lying leg raises. Used the 50/50 method, about month and a half later, did 20 (I'll have to take more pics to show).

So these results came in about 8-10 weeks ending in May. Weigh about 210lbs, was 185-190lbs. Used to struggle at 160lbs for years.

Pure Strength:
-Was working on Australian pullups and partial ones, now doing sets of dead hang reverse pullups for reps when I could barely do one.
- A few wobbly pistols to multiple sets for reps.
(These results came faster since it was just focused on strength so 2-3 weeks you notice significant improvement.)

Yes, for me this worked after being stuck, I just got some new clothes because it felt like I was wearing baby shirts.
So I know it what it did for me, now very curious to see what others say.

Look forward to hearing how it goes for you and others.

-G.S. Luthra
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