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Kettlebell My new article on Iron Cardio and Plan Strong is up!

Hi John. A short and sweet thank you, and well done! Seeing your practical application of the Plan Strong methodology, key principles and mixed modalities is helpful for those of us playing at home alone. Your framework has assisted me to tweak my next block. Cheers!
my finisher is typically a few sets of goblet lunges with 24kg, left leg front works, right leg front fails, I'm working on the imbalance. This is towards getting my TGU going again after sickness and injury)
Could I focus on this with the Delta20? It is easily quantifiable, I have the correct range of KB's, and good enough form, and a great need to improve my goblet lunges -> towards rack lunges -> goal to press lunge 24kg (is it the right name? waiter's lunge? TGU lunge?)
week 1 (starting today) = 30 lunges (each side). I took the sample of month 1 =92 reps and divided everything by 3 and tinkered:
session 1 = 4@16kg (1 lunge LeftLegFront, rest, 1RLF, 1LLF, rest, 1R,1L,1R,rest, 1L,1R, end)
session 2 = 8@16kg, 4@24kg (lets see, I'll be happy with this: 6@16kg, 2@24kg)
session 3 = 12@16kg

So i'd do fewer/slower of the other excercises for 25-30min, then start the lunge ladders. or maybe vice versa: warmup->lunges-> other stuff (24kg and dbl 16kg = swings or clean,jerk,squat,jerk depending on my mood/energy/etc)

Note the converging end-goals: a) Jerk/press the 24kg. b) Lunge with the 24kg overhead.
@Xcal - My guess is you can Delta-20 just about anything and make improvement. HAHA! But if this is just some ancillary work you do after your focused training, I don't think it's that pressing of an issue. (No pun intended.)
I thought this was an interesting approach. I was thinking of doing something similar. Setting a 30 min timer and:
D1 - Clean and Press (Ladders) + 1 Front Squat + 1 Gorilla Row
D2 - 1 Clean and Press + Front Squat (Ladders) + 1 Gorilla Row
D3 - 1 Clean and Press + Front Squat + Gorilla Row (Ladders)

Starting at 1,2,3 then increasing ladder rungs till I hit 5. Was thinking week 1... 3. Weeks 2 and 3... 3/4 rungs. Week 4... 4 rungs. Deload. And then keep same pattern till I hit 5 rungs.

Think this would meet my body recomp goals?
Primary goal is to keep slowly losing weight and keep/increase my muscle.
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This went very well today
so, My lunge mission is going REALLY well:) I had 4 KB sessions this week:
S1 = lunge ladders: 16kg: 1,2,3,2 (4 per side L,rest,R,L,rest,RLR,rest, LR). Deadlifts (24kg) and Halos (16) as warmup
S2 = Lunge ladders: 16kg: 1,2,3,2. 24kg: 1,2 I failed on the last one. 16kg:4. same warmup
s3 = swings 24kg: warmup Goblet squats 24kg and halos 16kg
s4 = lung ladders: 16kg: 1,2,3,1,3,2. deadlifts and halos warmup. I was STRONG so added 16kg snatches, 2,4,2 (4 per side)

and Now I see the new Snatch course and have antz in my pantz!!!! I need a day of rest (today) then I will do my TGU test on Sunday or monday. I'm really confident after only 1 week of dedication to this easy ladder system!

Congrats on this release! It really looks great.

I will consider rewarding myself if I can do 2 TGU on each side with 16kg by next week's $ale end. I've been working hard at regaining my TGU for the past months but have not actually tried it yet (been working on foot flexibility for both sides and hip/thigh/groin/something on my left side, I recently found this lingering weakness after my Jan accident). I'm very happy with my 24kg and dbl16kg swings.
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