My recent pull up topic was the wrong topic, I need a pull up mimic

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Can't even come close to a pull up. So I would like input on what to do and get for the closest way to mimic a pull up with bands. Something that would be able to generalize to a real or real assisted pull up. Thanks

Steve Freides

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If you can't do a pullup, get stronger, drop bodyweight, or both. Try again in six months, and don't be concerned with pullups in the meantime.



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I bought a Pullup/Dip leverage machine on craigslist. Basically compensates for where my strength currently is and of course compensates for my excess weight. Goal is to sell it to someone else who needs it because I know longer will:)

Karen Smith

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% of Lean mass is very important when pulling your body up and over a bar. I achieved my first pull up by doing heavy KB pressing and making sure I used the SFG active negative techniques. One day I jumped up on the bar to show someone that I could not do a pull up and BAM just flew up there.

sometimes it can just be a mental block as well.

active negatives when pressing
hollowing hangs
flexed arm hangs
adding weight to the above hangs
Jump up and slow negatives

Harald Motz

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@Karen Smith or else, the active negative is a skill, I have a hard time to execute. When I lift one arm up, I can tense my lat and pec (I test it with my free hand) for shoulder packing, then pretending a one arm pullup, both, lat and pec keep flexing until the rack position.
When I do the same drill, with a light bell in the hand, more or less the only thing I seem to accomplish is only yielding to gravity, with definitely less activation of my pulling muscles.
Any cues/drills to get it done better much appreciated.
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