For Sale My solution to the high cost of buying all the kettlebells you need.

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Manuel Fortin

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Dear fellow kettlebell enthusiast,

Do you only have the traditional kettlebells (16kg, 24kg, 32kg) and would like smaller steps between them to progress faster?

Do you have all the kettlebell weights you need, but would like to start a double kettlebell program without buying even more kettlebells?

Do you only have 18kg, 20kg and 24 kg kettlebells and would really like to add a 22kg and a 26kg, but are discouraged by the cost of doing so?

I have a solution to these problems that I named the Betweenbells. The Betweenbells attaches to any type of kettlebell to add exactly 4kg, to create a kettlebell at a weight between the weight of the traditional kettlebell.

All this at a cost similar to price of a single 16 kg kettlebell. You could save hundreds of dollars. And the cost of shipping will be of course much smaller than the cost of shipping a heavy iron ball.

People on the forum ask all the time how they can make for example a 20kg kettlebell from a 16kg one and similar questions. Many "MacGiver" solutions have been presented to solve this problem. One popular solution if to use duct tape to attach a weight to a kettlebell. This works fine, but what if your program requires 2 kettlebell weights? Or what if you share your kettlebells with a training partner?

For example, if you do Simple and Sinister with the 24kg for the getups, but would like to swing 28kg, most of the improvised solutions will not allow this. My Betweenbells kettlebell attachment is easy to use by anyone and quick to install and remove. You could easily do your getups, attach the Betweenbells, and then do your swings.

You may also be ready to do some double kettlebell work. If you have a 20kg, a 24kg and the Betweenbells, you can attach the Betweenbells to the 20kg and do a double 24kg program. This is of course just an example, and you could use a 16kg and a 20kg or any other combination.

For those who have limited storage space, the Betweenbells is very easy to store and takes up much less space than the kettlebells it replaces.

The Betweenbells comes with two attachment systems: a quick one and a very tight one.

If you need to change weight between sets in your workout, the quick system is perfect. It is also perfect for low rep work or grinds (getups, squats, presses).

From experience, the quick one will probably loosen a bit after high rep ballistics, say 100 snatches. This is because it uses cam buckles which leave a little bit of play in the strap (think 1/8th of an inch). The weight will for sure stay attached to the kettlebell, but it may move sideways a little.

The very tight attachment is there for these high rep workouts. As you will see in the video, the weight is not going anywhere with this system. Also, If you don't like the quick system, you don't have to use it! Use the very tight one all the time.

The Betweenbells is designed to be easy to use, safe and to protect the surface of your kettlebell. Take a look at this video to see it in action.

Now, the cost of making a single Betweenbells is quite large. You need to manufacture many at once to lower the cost. That is because it is machined in steel. Someone at the machine shop must program the CNC machine. But, once the machine is programmed, additional copies come at a substantial discount.

The machine shop may also need to machine the outside of the cylinder if not rod of the right size is available on the spot. When many copie are made, a cylinder having the right size can be ordered to reduce machining time.

Because of all this, I figure that for this to make sense, I would need at least 10 forum members interested in the Betweenbells to make a first batch.

The exact cost of the Betweenbells will depend on the number of people interested in buying it, but it should be around 65$. I will do a Kickstarter to manufacture the first batch and offer it to forum members at cost.

So, if you want a Betweenbells, you can email me at the address at the end of the video, post here in the forum, or PM me with the forum and I will add you to the list. Once I reach 10 people, I will start the Kickstarter. This will be a lot of work, so please tell me you are interested only if you are ready to get one.

If you still have any questions, let me know.

P.S. If you have access to a machine shop and want to build a Betweenbells yourself, let me know. I will send you the plans for free. However, unless you operate the machines yourself, I think it will be very difficult to come close to my price if you do a single one.

P.P.S. Advanced kettlebell users may ask if the center of gravity of the kettlebell will be affected. Of course, if you add a weight at the bottom of a kettlebell, the center of gravity will move. I personally do not find that small shift in center of gravity to be problematic.

The Betweenbell weights only a fraction of the weight of the kettlebell it is attached to, so the shift will be very small. Also, unless you use competition kettlebells, the center of gravity moves anyways when you go from one kettlebell to a heavier one.

P.P.P.S. The Betweenbells is patent pending!

Steve Freides

Senior Certified Instructor
Elite Certified Instructor
This sounds very interesting to me. I would also love to see a 2 kg version - I have kettlebells in 4 kg increments already, but, e.g., I don't have a 22 kg.


Anna C

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Elite Certified Instructor
Very cool ideas and plans. I'll sign up as one -- Count me in!

Manuel Fortin

Level 6 Valued Member
@Steve Freides A 2kg version could easily be made. The only thing is that the 2kg version would be much thinner and probably smaller. It would be difficult to conceal the ratchet attachment completely in the groove at the bottom. If you are OK with this, let me know. I will offer a 2kg version in the kickstarter also, and probably a combo 2kg+4kg.

@Anna C You're in! And congratulations for the SFG II.

Anna C

Level 9 Valued Member
Elite Certified Instructor
Thanks! I would definitely want the 2kg also. A combo 2 and 4 would be great. Which makes me wonder... could they be stacked together, to make a 6? ;)


Certified Instructor
A couple of years ago I started to design a prototype for an invention similar. I thought i was on to something big but after contacting hundreds of gyms and all of the big names in coaching there was not enough interest.

Not to steal your thunder. Best of luck, you seem more mechanically/technically inclined than I.

Manuel Fortin

Level 6 Valued Member
@Questionfear: You're in.

@MattM: Thank you for your input. At worst, I will make a few for forum members who deserve it anyways as they give a lot to the community. I got so much of all the posts I read here. That would be my way of saying thank you.

I see why a gym would not be interested. Too complex, and the cost reduction is probably not that important when compared to all the costs of starting a gym. A complete set of kettlebells, even doubles, is not that expensive when compared to 3-4 power racks or 10 threadmills. This first run is a test. If it works well, I will probably sell more in an on-line shop. There is probably no chance that I will make a living out of this, but even a few sales a week could eventually add up to a nice vacation each year.

Manuel Fortin

Level 6 Valued Member
@Steve Freides. I will make sure that this is achievable with the machine shop, but it makes sense. The 2kg should cost about half the price of the 4kg, but if there is only a small number of them to make, then setup cost has to be offset. It seems that others are interested also, and this may be an even more popular option than the 4kg alone option.

@Abdul Rasheed : Noted. You're added to the list.

To everyone: I am offering the 2 kg or the 2kg+4kg option to everyone as well. Exact price is to be determined based on volume, but 40$ for 2kg alone and 100$ for 2kg+4kg will probably be in the right ballpark. Why more expensive with the 2kg alone? Because I have to include the straps, while people ordering the combo will use the same straps for both attachments.


Level 5 Valued Member
I would be interested in 4kg, but I am living outside of the US and I'm afraid that shipping cost to UE will be significant. What do you think?

Manuel Fortin

Level 6 Valued Member
Well, I am very happy with the interest shown here. We are getting very close to my 10 units minimum. Looks like I better get that Kickstarter ready...
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