Naked Warrior Companion Thread Volume 2: Templates

Jak Nieuwenhuis

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Let me preface this by saying that I believe NW as written (GTG) is the best way to get strong through OAPU and Pistols, but here are some templates to make it work for you if GTG is a little too loose for you, or if you want a single session

Single session NW workouts.

Great article / program by Tom Furman.

Gravity Iron: No Weights Needed | T Nation

"Steve Freides Program Minimum"

3 day a week OAPU practice, walking on your "off days".

Light / Medium / Hard days

15/15 reps, 20/20 reps, 25/25 reps respectively -

You can choose to use the hardest progression of OAPU you can perform each day and simply vary the reps, or you can use the hardest variation on the light day for 15 reps each side, a medium progression for 20 reps each side on the medium day, and an easy progression for 25 reps each side on your hard day.

This could look something like

15 Full OAPU each side using the total repetition method on your light day.

10 sets of 2 reps at a medium elevation on your medium day.

5/5 x 5 wall OAPU on your hard day.

I believe this is actually Karen Smith's brainchild, but I first heard about it from our forum Admin, Steve, on the "Bodyweight Program Minimum" thread here on the forum.

Walking could be loaded for weight, time, or distance. I believe that it was walking for miles each day with a light pack that allowed me to leaopard crawl for 10 minutes straight without having really crawled for months. I believe walking makes you super strong. I lifted very infrequently during my last 4 months as an emt but I walked for at least an hour and a half per day and I rarely ever failed a lift in the field. I also never once felt a tweak in my joints / muscles despite lifting very heavy patients near daily.



This is from Dani of Original Strength. It is a lego squat to a staggered pushup done for 10 minutes continuously. There are many variations you can do but it is basically a single leg squat to OAPU. Try watching the link below.

I imagine you could do this up to 5 times a week. I would warm up with 5-10 minutes reset and 5-10 minutes of TGU (bodyweight get ups, shoe get ups, or a lighter weight, such as 16kg.. resting as needed)

(Link below in comments)

SL Squat, Abs, Grip circuit

my personal creation

A1: Single leg squat variant

A2: OAOL plank hold for 3 seconds (1 rep) each side

A3: Gripper training

Running through the routine 3-5x a week at 3-5 sets of 1-5 reps

Variants for SL squat: Pistol, Box pistol, lego squat, reverse lunge, split squat, shrimp..

Variants for OAOL plank: elevated speed skater, bird dog, speed skater done from knees ( like a bird dog except your hand goes back instead of forward)

I have an adjustable gripper and would use a different weight each session but you could also use different tools each session like squeezing a rolled up yoga mat / towel, doing hangs, sqeezing a 16 oz water bottle filled with water, crumpling up newspaper with your hand, wringing out a wet hand towel / item of wet clothing..

Hope this gives you guys some more options..

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