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Bodyweight Naked Warrior Tips/Comments

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Steve Freides

Elite Certified Instructor
@Sergej, are those not thumb + index finger on the ground?

And should we not apply the same standard as we do for our one-armed pushups? I believe the elbow has to come further back so that the upper arm breaks parallel.


mark reinke

Level 2 Valued Member
Here's a few things to comment on naked warrior.

1. both the exercises serve to tie the right arm to the left leg and the right leg to the left arm.

2. the lego squat is an excellent low-knee-stress pistol variation. i even weight it using kettlebells. i can do more weight via lego squat than pistol. try the lego squat variation one day per week

3. concentric only training should get at least 1 day per week on it's own

4. isometric only training should get 1 day per week on it's own

5. don't forget about the airborne lunge

6. it's best to stick to one variation per day. the weight added can vary throughout the day

7. singles have tremendous return but you can only handle about 5 per limb per day.

8. I've found rocking on the hands and knees (the OS reset) as a good single-exercise warm up for pistols

9. a few one arm pushups on the knees before your first "real" set of the day does things.

10. variation from day to day is essential to prevent stress on the joints.

11. roll on the floor more between sets

12. the barbell deadlift is arguably the best "big pull" addition to NW, if you have the resources. try 3 sets of 3 barbell deadlifts twice a week, and then spend one day a week practicing snatches ( Monday -DL, Wed- DL, Friday-Snatches!). watch what it does to your OAPU

13. a set of face-the-wall squats every morning, done for age, will really oil up your knees and unlock your lower back.

14. GTG is tricky but it works. You just don't always know it is working.

15. yoga twice a week, along with daily resets has improved my flexibility/mobility by a lot with very little investment of time or energy. it's like "easy flexibility"

16. knodding your head up and down for 3 minutes a day will relieve / prevent tightness in the neck from OAPU and pistols

17. NW is just about practicing the same 2-3 moves frequently enough to make significant progress in them. Making significant progress in the pistol and OAPU fortunately has a lot of crossover to other high-force endeavors

just some thoughts
Thank you!


Level 7 Valued Member
I've been busy with S&S so I have let my NW skills slide, but what's great about NW is that we can ease it up to whatever level we're at. I tried just holding the one arm pushups as isometric holds, and got a lot out of just this simple exercise. It's truly great stuff! No replacement for weights though if they are available to train with.
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