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I hit my head in Jan 2019 which led to horrific symptoms and multiple therapies including stem cells and one of which made me way worse, a high velocity adjustment by a Chiro who shoved my head down in the back onto my neck. In seeking out many doctors who have 0 knowledge about the upper cervical spine and my desperation for my quality of life back, Im wondering if anyone on here has any opinions on my 3D images of the cervical spine which was converted from a cat scan with contrast. F32BC74C-AD64-4E93-86A4-14391FF206FD.png

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We cannot give you medical advice, @Staceym - but we can say Welcome to the StrongFirst forum. I suggest you contact a local group in your area - e.g., we have several Facebook groups, blogs, and the like that I know of in the town I live in, and maybe you have the same - and ask for recommendations for doctors.

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