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Sean Mulcahy

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So having said that, I'd suggest following a PTTP 2.o plan and making perhaps 2 passes between now and the TSC.

Generic PTTP 2.0 template:
- Warm up like PTTP (2x5, or as Pavel writes it x5/2... that's 2 sets of 5 reps)
- Working weight x5, 3, 2
- Optional back-off sets 2-3x5 of a different style (i.e. sumo if you regularly pull conventional, and vice versa) at about 80% of working weight
- Increase 2-5% each session (but keep it a consistent increase), 2-3 sessions/week (maybe 3 sessions the first couple weeks when the weight is light and 2 sessions/week towards the end)
- When you think you won't be able to complete the first set of 5 on the subsequent session, then you have two sessions remaining:
- Session 1: x3, 2
- Session 2: x2
- Then start over (slightly heavier than where you started the first time)
Hey @Ryan Toshner , could PTTP 2.0 be paired with S&S? If doing S&S on M/W/F, maybe plug-in PTTP 2.0 on M/F before the swings & get-ups? Also, to confirm, would the press in PTTP 2.0 (bench or military) follow the same set/rep scheme you mentioned above? Appreciate any feedback or guidance here!
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