Need advice on a kettlebell/bodyweight approach

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Stefan Olsson

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First things first. This is my first post here, but I´ve been quite some time.

I have a history of powerlifting and before that a decade with krav maga and thai boxing. For about 3 months I had a few issues with life that forced me to re-think life and while that process was going on I realized that powerlifting was more of a thing I did, not because I loved the sport but instead the identification to been seen as strong. Life got the better of me and I stopped lifting and started running, and it felt amazing! I did not spend countless hours in the gym anymore, now I was flying though the forrest not caring about muscle atrophy or how great my bench was. I was alive.

Later I started doing some reading about kettle bell. Read ETK, S&S, Kettlebell training by Steve Cotter and countless of articles here and on DD. I started doing kettle bell training with no goal in mind and was truly amazed when the TGU humbled me after doing it with just a shoe at first. I have deadlifted well over 2xBW for reps but this little evil killed me. I was in love! Not long after came the swing. I really got my whammies going and my heart a race! Later on I have added clean and presses and just love it all!

Recently I found Phil Ross: the dirty dozen. A mix with kettlebells and bodyweight exercises. I´ve added bodyweight squats, pushups and pull-ups to my arsenal. Im looking to start training pistols and bridges next week. Damn, its so fun to train again. Gone are the barbells (yes, I know they are a great tool, but I have been doing to long and lost the love for it) and now its time to excell in the kettlebell, bodyweight training and running. I´ve lost close to 10kg and I love how I feel. Perhaps a bit weaker in the big three but who cares when my overall fitness level has gone up by a mile.

To my question. Here are the link to the exercises The “Dirty Dozen” Exercises (Part 1) by Phil Ross
I try to follow Dan John basic human movement for every sessions (about 3 KB/BW sessions per week) with loaded carries, a squat, a hinge, a pull and a push. But I have failed to organize the exercises in the dirty dozen to a solid routine. Can you help me sort this out?

Please, I know that S&S probably is better and all that, but my primary focus is to enjoy training again by doing the stuff I love, so no need to put me on a program that resembles starting strength with barbells, I´ve been down that path before ;)


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Alternate the kettlebell and bodyweight exercises every two weeks.

With kettlebells do the ROP substituting the goblet squat for the front squat as part of the program minimum with the get up.

Practice the bodyweight exercises GTG style using 2-3 on one day and another 2-3 on another day.
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