Need help choosing a weighted vest

After scouring the internet I've narrowed it to 2. Either the heria weighted vest that goes up to 35lbs or the hyperwear elite that goes up to 20lbs. The main reason I've narrowed it down to these 2 are mainly form related I've looked at a lot of the plate based ones and the sand based ones they all seem too loose in the videos I've seen but no matter who I've seen wear those 2 it's always like a glove.

I'm looking for something that is good for all types of calisthenics including handstand push-ups and other upside down excercises.

My main concerns for each are the heria one seems like the strap would rub against my arm doing regular push ups. As for the hyperwear (more of a future concern) I am worried 20lbs may not be enough later down the line.

I've only just begun working out back in March and plan on adding weight gradually. Any help is appreciated


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My clients bought the hyperwear ones. Extremely good reviews. Fits amazing and isn't clunky and awkward to put on/wear.
I would say hyperwear is the way to go!
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