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    I've read Pavel Tsatsouline Fast and Loose, Relax into Stretch and Super Joints. Is this appropriate routine I am a total beginner to training just started. So
    Mon before bed Fast and Loose
    Wed before bed Relax into Stretch
    Fri before bed Super Joints
    And repeat this
    Is doing 3 sets and 10 - 20 reps of each illustrated exercise good?
    I hang everyday though thats what I do every morning thats the only thing I do everyday. Hanging from bar normal grip reverse grip.

    Any help any suggestions please all welcome.
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    First off... welcome...
    Second.... you need to provide a bit more history about yourself.
    Age, training history, injury history, medical conditions, sports participation, etc.
    Third... what is your reason for training... what are your goals and expectations?
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    Hi I am currently 23, I am about to start bjj and starting a bodyweight workout. I want to be more flexible and safely train thats why I am trying to incorporate Pavels techniques . Previous training nothing, hence I am starting with a no equipment workout athlean x xero giving it a go then moving onto Gymnastics. Medical conditions asthma which I try to keep under control only use inhaler when wheezy. The reason I am training to be my strongest and best version while doing mma to a certain level for my enjoyment and self defence. Goals is to get in the best shape of my life by the end of the year.
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    I'll let other far more qualified people weigh in on training for BJJ and MMA.
    But in general terms what you have selected are great programmes for their intended purpose. But I believe you will advance faster and more effectively if you incorporate some strength training concurrently with RIS / SJ.
    Naked Warrior and FPP if you don't want to use weights
    S&S if you are open to using kettlebells
    (My perspective only)

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