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The image reminds me of the video that shows Pavel at a SF Endurance event talking about the 2 cats and the effort it takes them to get their prey...
goes well with the pushup position shown alos.

So my guess would be something SF Endurance based (please please please please), maybe Quick and Durable?

I still so much hope it will be called Quick and Dirty ROFL


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Theyve referenced a few times releasing more about the 033 Protocol which i thought had a major swing / pushup component & was endurance focsed... Could be wrong about these.


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Going by that cheetah in the back, I'm going with "Quick and Deadly".

This is definitely exciting. I think this will be the Simple & Sinister for bodyweight training. A quick and deadly program for getting strong (y) At least I hope it is...
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If I had to guess... this book may cover (a small portion I'm sure) of Plan Strong/Strong Endurance/Second Wind info. Much more about the evolution of programming.
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