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Sean M

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Hmm definitely going to be an insta purchase but i was hoping it would have more strong endurance protocols than just the swing and pushup one. At least a snatch protocol in addition would have been nice.
Maybe it’ll have scale-up options.


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Cool. Looks like it ships to Ireland\UK
Might have to go Kindle version and pick up hard copy later...119 pages..


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what is the power pushup - regular pushup that meets the StrongFirst standard or some explosive variation (clapping etc.)?


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@Juri think full body maximal tension with an explosive execution. A clapping pushup does not necessarily translate to a powerful pushup. However, a strong push where your hands just barely leave the floor (or not at all) could be. To really understand what this means and how to execute it properly you should see an SFB/G or attend the StrongFirst BW course. Naked Warrior definitely addresses the tension portion, but I cannot recall if it discusses the explosiveness, homework for the weekend.


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I run one of the trial protocols that I imagine will feature. Push ups were an element and from memory I think they were banded push ups.

Mark Kidd

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No Canadian options. Imagine my surprise. But we still have the Czech version of S&S in iBooks, despite me questioning this.

Jake Steinmann

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Interesting — Amazon lists Laree Draper, of On Target Books as the editor. Any chance the book will be available through OTP? I’d much rather give them money than Amazon


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A couple thoughts on the swing and pushup coupling:
1. Both free weight and bodyweight balance.
2. No overhead room needed (this is actually something that matters in some homes - I like my basement for working out but it has low ceilings, so no TGUs possible but swings are fine)
3. A push and a pull, full body both
4. A bend and a rigidity
5. Only one kettlebell needed at a time - I've got two sizes for S&S, one for swings and one for TGUs
6. TGUs are epic and heroic, but I think the good ole pushup loads more weight onto you


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I am guessing that the article - The 37-Second Knockout: Building a Boxer's Ferocious Comeback by Ilaria Scopece - has some clues about the program


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What’s fascinating about the addition of a push-up is that for all the WTH effect of simple and sinister my push-ups Suffered.
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