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I have pre-ordered the book, but I hope it's on kindle tomorrow, too!

I own S&S on all three (book, kindle and audio) Then I've given the book away Twice!
So I order it again for my small library.
I've ordered a lot more Barbell/Body weight training books on kindle, But it's Pavel's books that I keep real paper copies of, and reread the most!
I feel like a nerd, All excited! Waiting for Pavel's book to be released. Like back in the day when my kids were excited for the new Harry Potter book to be released.
Funny how impatient society has become, with digital down load available nearly any time, any where.

My names Al, and I'm a Strength Nerd!


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Well that instagram post says there are two programs in the book, we know one is swings and pushups, i wonder what the second is


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No kindle so far - I think they have some technical difficulties. When can expect the kindle version to be available?

Sean M

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Print version appears to be sold out, not shipping for 1-2 months...

And no Kindle or audio version yet...

Steve Freides

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Amazon says the book is sold out. No kindle option.

Please see my post in the Welcome section. The book isn't really sold out - there are, for lack of a better way to explain it, "issues" cause the long ship-by date. We are working on this very hard, as you might imagine, and again as you might imagine, a lot of this is not under our control. Rest assured that your best practice is to order, Quick, and we'll get the book to you asap.

We are, as with the paperback book, working very hard on making the Kindle and Audio formats available as soon as possible.



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Dang my pre order got pushed back, i know you guys are doing your best, freaking amazon.
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