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Discussion in 'Barbell' started by Kong, Aug 22, 2019.

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    Ok being new I probably didn't title my question correctly so if I did it wrong I apologize.

    Here is my question, and I suspect it has already been asked and probably been beaten to death, but I just don't have the time to read through all the various threads on here so I'm hoping I can get a pass on this.

    So if I'm doing Power to the People (military press 2x5 and deadlifts 2x5) is it advisable to alternate the work outs every other day with Simple n Sinister. So Monday/Wednesday/Friday do Power to the People and Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday do the Simple n Sinister.

    Again I apologize if this is an old question, just trying get opinions from people that may have way more knowledge regarding this.
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    There’s no reason you can’t follow your PTTP with swings and get ups each day. Start with say just 40 swings and 4 get ups ( 2 per side ) and increase as you see fit. Dan Johns Even Easier Strength is very similar to PTTP but with loaded carries, a pull and a squat. Neither program has a ton of volume, just don’t go so crazy with the swings and get ups that it slows progress on the deadlifts. S&S is a GPP plan, this gets lost on a lot of people, you should be able to do both.
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    Thank you so much for the response and feed back, but how me out here, what is "a GPP plan"?
  4. Oscar

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    Another alternative is to cycle every 2 weeks
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    Pavel himself has recommended this approach a couple of times.

    Other than that SnS can be done 2-3× per week together with a "serious strength program". This could be the Deadlift Dynamite main workouts or a simple Reload plan (another plan from Pavel and Fabio Zonin), for example Deads and Benches, each once or twice per week with a special 5x5 plan.

    OR you could do the Daily Dose Deadlift Plan (3-5 submaximal singles per day) alongside SnS.

    GPP stands for General Physical Preparation - building a general base of strength, mobility and endurance, preparing you for spezialized work. It is covered in detail in Easy Strength.
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