New Kettlebell Challenge PYRAMIDE

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Steve Freides

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Our OP seems not to "get" what StrongFirst is all about. That's OK and maybe he'll read a bit of our forum and learn something.



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In this world you have people with no real qualifications, that take for granted the very hard work qualified professionals put into research - research that can prove or disprove the intuitive - yet the unqualified folk want to be leaders. Leaders without an ounce of qualification, but that think they can get famous by making up stuff in their heads.

Keep Lifting

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Hi guys!

Here is my new kettlebell challenge

Please check and subscribe. Cheers!

More videos every week!!!

Tuplaporilainen (@tuplaporilaine) | Twitter
that's a beautiful dog. i would try this using a waiters walk as well. weighted walks on unsteady surfaces are certainly within the confines of building strength and as much as juggling kettlebells and throwing heavy weights are great additions to strengthening our physical and mental resolve, this type of training definitely has a place within this community. thanks for the post tuplaporilaine.


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I don't know if the OP is reading the replies, but in case you are, what you do in the following video starting at 0:09 is REALLY DANGEROUS, you can break your foot!


Bill Been

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I think I have a problem. Why do I keep watching these?
Because you finally got bored watching the Prancersize video?
Because Ryan Shanahan has decided to give it a rest for a while?
Because you like dogs?
Because you're drunk?
Because, like the rest of us, you can't resist watching unintentional comedy?


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So many questions. But the most troubling one, for me, is: Why slam your kettlebell onto hard gravel, WHEN YOU ARE TWO FEET AWAY FROM THE GRASS?


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yeah I know, trolling and all, but am I the only one to find his idea really really funny? pyramids :D:D:D couldn't stop lauging
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