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Kettlebell [NEW ONLINE COURSE] VICTORIOUS: A Complete Guide to Pressing a Heavy Kettlebell

Steve Freides

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I have also bought it. I was wondering if you could use the programs with double bells too ?
I am not Fabio, but the general answer is, "No" to questions of using single bell programs with doubles. Some, of course, are designed to be able to be used both ways, and that's great, but Victorious' techniques are some applicable to both and some specific to single bell presses.

I did not answer your question about the programs but rather addressed technique. I will ask Fabio for his reply as well.


Fabio Zonin

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I have also bought it. I was wondering if you could use the programs with double bells too ?
While the course focuses on the one arm kettlebell press technique, both included plans can be run with double bells. In the testing phase of the plans I assigned them to several testing subjects, and had some of them run them with doubles. Those who ran it with doubles enjoyed pretty much the same results as the others.


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Hi @Fabio Zonin ! I have seen that I posted a question on the lesson 1 page but the previous one that was replied to was back in October last year. I hope that is still the right place to ask any questions from the course?

James Sullivan

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I enjoyed the presentation and content of this course. I appreciated the density of information conveyed in the relatively short video segments. I agree with others who have stated that this material has something for all levels. For me it was ulnar deviation at lockout and I needed a reminder about shifting hips. If you consider the value of the two included programs purchasing this course is a no-brainer.
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