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Other/Mixed New podcast with Brett Jones/Mike Perry

Other strength modalities (e.g., Clubs), mixed strength modalities (e.g., combined kettlebell and barbell), other goals (flexibility)


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Good morning friends!

Brett and I are excited to share some awesome news with you.

We have a podcast!!

Here are the details!!

Welcome to season 2 of the MED podcast! We are excited to announce a new co-host, Brett Jones.

This season, join Brett Jones, StrongFirst Director of Education and Functional Movement Systems Advisory Board member, and Mike Perry, co-owner of Skill of Strength, Lead instructor at Functional Movement Systems and Senior SFG at Strongfirst, as they share their life experiences and insight on all things health and fitness related.

In episode 13, Brett and Mike talk about the definition of the minimum effective dose and go over the idea of using the minimum effective dose in training programs. Keep in mind, this doesn’t mean we skip things or cut corners, but that we focus on what’s going to have the most beneficial impact on someone’s training and life. In this first episode back, you’ll hear a little bit more about why these two seasoned coaches have recently become even more passionate about prioritizing what matters most – in training and in life.

Good episode with Brett Jones on the Pain Free & Strong Radio with Dr. Tyna Moore.

Good episode with Brett Jones on the Pain Free & Strong Radio with Dr. Tyna Moore.

I really enjoyed this episode; nice to hear SF discussed within a different channel.
I'm definitely going to listen to more from Dr Tyna.
It's the first podcast about kettlebells that I've managed to get my wife to listen to :)

Here’s our next episode!

It’s all about our cancer journeys.

Listened to it today, and thank you for sharing it.

As you know, my husband was going through cancer treatment for lymphoma at the same time as you guys. So glad you both and he all got through it, and are all OK today. It was a tough time for sure and one thing that compounded everything was it was all going on the same time as COVID. Suppressed immune system is extra scary when there's a virus running rampant, not to mention all the extra complications and protocols. Right now it kind of feels like we walked through a double forest fire, and we're looking back going, "Did we really just go through that?" Kinda back to normal now, but forever changed.

So true that "cancer doesn't care if you're fit." But no doubt being resilient mentally and physically will help you get through the fight. You guys all showed that and that's why I'm so glad you're sharing the experience.

Looking forward to more episodes!
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