New S1 one books in the works?

Discussion in 'Other' started by somanaut, Jul 12, 2018.

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    I have most of Pavels' books...but I want more. Specifically a S1 book on either bodyweight or kettlebell clean, press and snatch. I know NW and ETK exists and I have both. But I was wondering if Pavel is writing something new for the general population to support all the live teaching he does?
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    Brett Jones hinted in a AMA that new books are coming and also from him. So I guess all we need is patience. In the meantime there is already very good stuff from Hector Gutierrez, Scott Iardella, Karen Smith and others to explore in the meanwhile. In my opinion the articles here give a great overview on all topics. But I´m also really looking forward to get this stuff in the more organized matter a book provides. :)

    Here´s the link to the AMA:
    r/kettlebell - Kettlebell AMA Series: Brett Jones, StrongFirst's Chief SFG Instructor

    And also to the existing thread here in the forum:
    Any books on new strength and conditioning protocols
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    I agree. I am subject to getting distracted, looking up programs over and over and deliberating across all of them. My wife says I enjoy looking for shows on Netflix more than actually watching one...:) That being said I would be interested in seeing new, consolidated resources.
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    I always let my GF do the looking, too aggravating for me, then I can say 'nah, I don't want to watch that' or 'that's a chick flick'.. Then she gets aggravated :mad:ROFL
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