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I just got a call tonight from a lady in St. Louis, MO that was going to do the RKC.  After doing her research, she decided to follow the Chief and get her SF level one cert in April at Boston.  She contacted me from the DD website. I'm excited to help her get ready for her cert!  I'm so glad to see people other than current RKC's following the tribe.

Power to us!


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She sounds like a very intelligent individual, and we're glad to have her!  ;)

Terrific, Stefanie.  Power to us!
Hey, that's me!!!  I'm the intelligent individual!  :)  I am SO excited to be training for this amazing experience and even more excited to be following Pavel!  Can't wait to join the ranks of  these incredibly strong people!  A big thanks to Stefanie for her willingness to guide me through this journey!



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Count me in as a non-cert who is now following strongfirst.  I am considering making cert a goal.  Wish there was an instructor close to me that I could work with.  Maybe I'll have to be first in this area.
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