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Other/Mixed New Strength Standards

Other strength modalities (e.g., Clubs), mixed strength modalities (e.g., combined kettlebell and barbell), other goals (flexibility)

Boris Bachmann

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I think it's a solid list. I talked to DJ a long time ago about what I thought would be solid standards for swimmers (men and women). I honestly can't even remember what the numbers were but I could suss it out again - some of it would be a little stroke/event specialty dependent and there are outliers of course (elite performers who might not come close to meeting standards) but they'd be rare.


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No press?

Now I'm a sad panda.
There was a different version of these on IG,unless I'm missing something. It had pushups and bench, but no pullups for some reason.

Am curious, how many of you who read this regard carrying BW simultaneously in each hand as being possible ?
Definitely possible, and from what some people say, they have lots of (no pun intended) carry-over. I haven't done it, but there are plenty of strongmen and people who train that stuff who do really heavy carries (like >500lbs kind of heavy). I've heard that the handles on farmer's walk implements are not the same as holding a barbell and thus facillitate heavy carries. That's just me gonig off what others have said on youtube and whatnot though.


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Having the financial means to have a well-equipped home gym also means you have the financial means to hire movers.

It's a paradox. ;)
I remember being super embarrassed the last time I moved when the movers were carrying my rack and plates.


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They’re not new standards, he posted them back in 2013. He also has a progression of standards in that same article that includes kettlebell lifts as well as a final stage beyond “great”.

Bodyweight Overhead x15

Bodyweight Double KB Press

Hip Hinge:
Bodyweight Snatch
2.5x Bodyweight Deadlift
(His “great” in other categories is #6 of 7, this one was #5)

Pull-up w/ 48kg


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Dan John has answered some of the questions in the Instagram post right when it came out, before this thread.

Push-ups should be pull-ups.

Farmers walks is for 100m. Easily the most challenging one.


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German and Russian wrestlers aim to back squat twice their weight class, on average, according to Carmen Bott.
I have posted about this previously, but in a nutshell: the standards I have seen vary from weight class to weight class, in the lower weight classes it's closer to 2.5x weight class, but they used 90° bench squats for the tests. Wrestlers were also expected to seal row and clean in the neighborhood of 1.5x weight class, bench press 1.5-2x weight class, and do a pull-up with 80-100% of their weight class tied to them. Another squatting standard was "simpler" - full squat with a partner of your weight (held in fireman's carry) 40 times in a row.
However, testing varies from school to school and is neither standardized nor mandatory - no-one will complain as long as you keep winning. The Dagestani school has its own testing standards, which are quite different from the ones in mainland Russia, since the wrestlers in Dagestan usually don't lift weights. For example, my coach considers bridge spins (in ther wrestling bridge, hands locked together) to be the pinnacle of leg training. He says that if you can do 2x3 min of them at a pace of 30 spins per minute, you'll never run out of leg power in a match.


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Ummmm ....... Blimey ! I could imagine doing a farmers walk with 40kg = 1/2 x BW in each hand at some stage in the future. But full BW in each hand ? Not for me.

Am curious, how many of you who read this regard carrying BW simultaneously in each hand as being possible ?

For me that's an 80 kg, hardwood, 2.7m x 25cm x10cm railway sleeper in each hand.

I will go outside tomorrow and attach suitcase handles to 2 sleepers. ; )
I can do a total of BW weight x 20m for 1 or 2 on a good day, but BW in each hand is completely beyond me. I think you can get a lot out of anything above 50% BW for distance though. I think it might be more of an all around benefit. Actually i think a 20kg kb rack walk smokes me more than a short/heavy trap bar carry. Looking forward to summer for that reason. A few bells at the local soccer pitch as well as my homemade stainless steel sled will be horrible fun haha
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