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I am totally new to strongfirst. I basically stumbled upon through Tim Ferris website and recent podcast interview of Pavel.

I am 37 years old and 6" in height. My lifestyle is sedentary and I have been working out ( I know , yes working out) on and off, primarily because I am not the biggest fan in spending an hour in the gym or even half an hour everyday. I have been doing p90x/p90x3 on and off but the problem of workingout every day hurts because a) my work schedule b) not the biggest fan in working out everyday.

Having said that I have always been fit and functional fitness was/is the target.

Functional fitness means " ability to be run, jump etc coupled with strength and muscle" . Aesthetics isnt the primary goal , but yes wouldnt complain if its incidental.

Based on a lot of reading on this blog and over thousand comments and many responses on Tim Ferris blog over the last 2 days , I have realised that I can start by buying & reading the following 2 books:

1. Power to People : Because, it seems like its for people like me who dont necessarily have goal of competetive lifting. It has a simple goal of get strong and with just 2 exercises and perhaps also with very little time investment.

2. Naked Warrior : Because, this uses bodyweight ( which sounds like very similar to p90x/x3) which is easier to follow with a substantial difference of just a few exercises done right and obviously way less time investment.

Obviously I understand things like:

1. Its hard work and I dont necessarily have a problem with that, but I am looking for efficiency and the maximum bang for the buck.

2. Importance of nutrition.

So to quicky reiterate and my goals and my question:


1. Get strong ( assuming that muscle building is incidental to getting strong)
2. Get to jump, run good as well ( not that I am competing in any competion, but more like the ability to play a sport like soccer/badminton competetively)
3. assuming if i can do both the above, I wouldnt mind looking nice.


Where do I start and what shoud be my plan?


Steve Freides

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Welcome to StrongFirst and Welcome to the Forum!

Kettlebell Simple and Sinister will do everything you need. Lots of people following it here and logging their training, so lots of examples to follow.

Power To The People! is also an excellent place to start and it's how I started strength training.

It's always good to have a physical exam from the doctor and a movement screen if you haven't had either recently before starting a new exercise program.



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RT23, welcome to StrongFirst!

My recommendations is S&S.

Karen Smith

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RT23 - Welcome!
Keep us posted on how S&S goes. This will build you a very solid foundation. May I also recommend one of our SFB bodyweight or SFG kettlebell one day user courses, as this would help confirm that your technique is dialed in and you are moving well to stay injury free.

Look forward to seeing/hearing your progress.
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