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Dang, where do you live?! Not a bad place for a hike.
New Zealand - I’m lucky enough to live in a place zoned as ‘bush living’, most of the properties in the suburbs in my area are about 90% covered in native trees, ferns, etc.

We are on the edge of a sizeable regional park with 250+km of trails (mostly closed due to a tree disease at the moment sadly).
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I nearly spit my coffee out! I'm actually Canadian born, I usually spend most of my days explaining to people here that I'm not American (not that there's anything wrong with that)
A Canadian Kiwi, well I could have some fun here......,

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Sorry everyone, I think I’ve stupidified Harald’s quality thread.
I’ll step away & let the less immature members continue their intelligent & informative conversation.
national sports teams can bring much pain and/or happiness, I always figure if my team wins that's great, but ultimately I still have to get up the next day and go to work..
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