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Kettlebell Newb Swing Form check 16kg

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Any and all feedback welcome. I've got some thunder thighs and I occasionally catch myself moving my leg/rotating my foot to try and get out of the way. Do I need to widen my stance or hinge deeper to avoid this?

Also, am I supposed to be pulling the bell down forcefully after the top? I feel like I've got a decent handle on using my hips to drive it forward/up, but I'm not sure I'm doing it right on the way down.

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Overall, I'd say you're on a good path!
Some points:
Your movement still looks a little too static, remember this is an explosive ballistic. Especially at the top, it looks like you are trying to raise the bell artificially. Don't worry too much about hight, it will come naturally. Generally: somewhere between navel and chin is the right hight. Let the bell float briefly at the top to the point where it is motionless for a tiny second (don't worry about "freezing", yet). Once the bell has reached that point forcefully and aggressiveley reverse the movement and only hinge back a tiny second before your forearms make contact with the upper part of your inner tight. Sit back deeply in the hinge and then again forcefully reverse the move and let the bell float at the highest point.
When you hinge back make sure it is in synch with your arms guiding the bell. Right now it looks like you are hinging back a bitt too early which causes the bell to float toward your butt. This is not supposed to happen. The bell only float at the highest point.
Also exhale sharply as you propell the bell up with your hips, that means the exhale is not quite at the top but a bit earlier. Onhale on the way down. Remember: at the highest point you are basically a standing plank. Abs tight, heels forcefully pressed into the ground and glutes contracted. Thing about using your glutes as a "break" to prevent back hyperextension.


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Only one comment that made a big difference to me: It appears that you are pushing your arms forward with your hips in order to propel the kettlebell forward. You are not supposed to do so. Imagine your arms are ropes linking the shoulders with the handle: you wouldnt be able to push the rope with your hips, as it would bend.

(I´m not an instructor, if someone more experienced reads this please feel free to correct me).

Anna C

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Your standing plank is.... absent. That's the main thing.

Standing plank is TIGHT. Feet rooted. Legs tight. Kneecaps pulled up. Glutes tight. Abs tight. Shoulders packed. You need to practice this position just by itself.

Then practice moving quickly from hinge to plank. Snap! Quick and tight.

Now add the kettlebell...

Setup: Pull the bell towards you while packing your shoulders (it's a bit too far out in front).

Initial hike: hike the bell up higher and keep a big chest.

Then, Snap to plank: Focus on your body's movements and let the bell follow. Your body should be almost at plank before the bell is starting to lift in front of you.

Hold the plank: Your body should be in standing plank as the bell falls. At this point on the descent you are already hinging, but you should still be in standing plank. At that point, break from plank and quickly hinge as the bell moves to the backswing position.


Standing plank is the main thing you need to practice.

Martine Kerr

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Few points to consider
1) your set up is too long...pull your armpits tight, which will tilt the bell towards you, load in the back part of the feet,
2) plant your toes
3) stand up tall - extend your hips - to a vertical plank

Eccentric overloaded swings - where you actively pull the kb down into its backswing are an advanced variation...too soon for you yet (toes lifting is big cue and absence of vertical plank).You’ll get more benefit from improving these swings.

As for thighs getting in the way, maybe try different shorts/pants. And play with stance width as long as your knees track toes. Remember to drive your feet hard into ground to initiate hip snap.
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