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Kettlebell Newbie with S&S problem

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Hey all,

49yr old male, veteran with my share of physical issues leftover from it. Working through most of them except my left shoulder and TGU's.

The shoulder is bone-on-bone, and searing pain through most of the movement. Even halos burn/clack.

Anyone been in same position and rehabbed it? If so, how?

Still swinging like a monkey, and goblet squatting cause i'm NOT quitting!!!

Thanks for your input.

Welcome on StrongFirst !

Did you see physio to get his opinion about GUs : should you do them, etc... ? Is it some arthritis ?

Otherwise, an option is to see an FMS instructor. Then a SFG instructor.

Finally, learning the proper technique is crucial. Did you try to do it with a shoe ? It would teach you the stability and shoulder mobility.

Kind regards,

@SullyTex, thank you for your service - words cannot express what we owe to those who've put themselves in harm's way for the rest of us.

We hesitate to respond because you need the advice of a medical professional before you need our advice.

It sounds like you've figured out some movements you can do and are practicing them regularly - that's the right road to take. No one _has_ to do any single exercise, wonderful though that exercise, like the getup, may be. I've gone for years in my own training without any of the exercises you mention as causing you pain. Do what you can with what you've got - sounds like you're doing that already.

Is putting your arm overhead in any form a problem, or just with a getup? Is your left shoulder bothering you in getups when it's on the down side, the up side, or both? What does your doctor say about overhead work for you?

Obviously you have an already medically diagnosed issue on that side so we need to do what is right for that.
Do you have a Physical Therapist or clinician that you have worked with in the past?

For now - reduce the Get-up to only going to the elbow
On both sides
Only to the elbow for now
See if that allows you to perform the GU without pain

And if halos are causing that much of an issue I would not do them right now.

Keep us posted
Obviously a physiotherapist is first stop. One thing two of them never told me about though was hanging from a bar.

If you can 3 x a day for a minute over hand grip. This has helped me a lot.

Heard it from Steve Maxwell so some connection to here. Worked for me you could try it if a physio agrees.
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