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Soja and tuba press day 4 2x32kg 10x1
Snatch Plan 240 week 5 day 2: 32kg 7+7 every 90s x10
Pistol squat 16kg 3x3
Towel curl 24kg 3x5
Push ups 3x10

Snatches were brutal today. Very tough session but happy that I made it through.


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Update: I have been training as usual this week but have been too busy with school to update. Here’s today’s training:
Soja and Tuba day 7 2x32kg 3x2
Pistol squat 16kg 3x3
Snatch Plan 240 week 6 day 2- 32kg 8+8 reps on the 1min 45s for 10 rounds. 160 reps in just under 17 minutes.
Noah Marek (training account) on Instagram: “It was a long, busy week of school, and I have to say it felt great to workout today... until this snatch session tried to kill me! ”

Snatch training was tough today. Rounds 1-5, not bad. 6-8, ok that is painful. 9-10, barf! :confused: Fortunately, next week is a deload week from snatching!


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Thanks @Philippe Geoffrion !

10-21-18 (short on time so I just did presses)
Soja and Tuba press day 8 2x32kg 4x2
Back off 1 arm presses 24kg x8,7,6,5

10-23-18 (today)
Min 1: 10 snatches L*
Min 2: 10 snatches R
Min 3: 10 pushups
Min 4: 10 pushups
Min 5: rest
x8 rounds (40 minutes total)
*I used 32kg

This is a deload week from my normal snatch training so I decided to throw in one snatch workout for fun but that was less intense than I have been doing. The workout above is from Tim Almond, and it was a good one! Once I am done with my current snatch plan I think this would be fun to incorporate in regularly and try to go longer (like 60 minutes). Definitely a solid workload!


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Soja and Tuba day 9 2x32kg 5x2
Front squats 2x32kg 5x7
Straight leg deadlifts (bells outside the legs) 2x32kg 3x10 (slow and strict)

Great training session today! Presses felt strong and I enjoyed the deadlift training! I definitely prefer outside the leg kettlebell deadlifts over inside the leg. Really hit the hamstrings!


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Get up 24kg 4x1/1
Soja and Tuba day 11 2x32kg 7x2
Pistol squat 24kg 2x(1,2,3)
Snatch test peaking
32kg 10+10 on the 1:45 for 5 rounds. Finished in 8 minutes.

Get ups as a warm up felt fantastic! Snatch peaking felt... rough. Muscular endurance is the weak link at the moment. Planning on doing the snatch test with 32kg in 6 weeks. Goal is 100 but honestly, I will take a break from intense glycolytic snatching for a while either way at that point. Until then, i’m staying strong and pushing on!


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-a bit of kettlebell juggling to warm up including a couple forward and backward 2A swing flips with the 48kg
Soja and Tuba day 13 2x32kg 2x3
Pistol squat 16kg 3x3
Complex w/ 2x32k- swing +snatch + see saw press + front squat x3 rounds
Noah Marek (training account) on Instagram: “Double 32k complex. Just trying to be more creative and fun with my training! Music: “Natural” by Imagine Dragons. Video credit:…”
Front squat 2x32kg 5x5

Fun training session today! I enjoyed doing some variety with the kettlebell complex and juggling. Definitely need to do this more!


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Get up pyramid- 16kg to 48kg and back down
-48kg got up but was not pretty.

Strong Endurance Plan 044B 32kg week 1 day 1
Soja and Tuba day 14 2x32kg 3x3
Pistol squat 24kg 3x2

So the snatch peaking was becoming very demanding and not enjoyable so I decided to switch to a strong endurance plan that should be much more enjoyable while still improving my strength endurance. I’m actually extremely excited to be doing this protocol and trust that it will deliver exceptional results! This is one of the Strong Endurance plans that I’ve head a lot of good things about, and I am finally ready to dive into it with the 32k!


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Tonight (11-7-18) was the first night I have trained in the dark and honestly, I loved it. There is something about working hard in the dark by yourself. Maybe it’s because it shows what you are willing to put in when the situation isn’t ideal.

Front squats 2x32kg 5x5
Neuro grip push ups 5x5
1A row 32kg 2x5

Soja and Tuba press day 15 2x32kg 4x3
Pistol squat 24kg 4x2
Plan 044B 32kg week 1 day 2
Loving Plan 044B so far. My biceps were surprisingly sore from day 1 and I expect the same from this session.


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Soja and Tuba day 16 2x32kg 5x3
Pistol squat 24kg 4x2
Plan 044B 32kg week 1 day 3

Double presses with 2x32kg are feeling solid! I’m confident that I will be able to press them for 5 reps when I test next week!
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