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Discussion in 'Diet and Nutrition' started by IggyM, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. IggyM

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    I understand diet is has a major role in weight loss and i agree my diet is probably the worst its ever been

    I have stuck to the same type most weeks and most weeks i tend to mess it up by Tuesday and then struggle to get back on track

    I keep saying to myself to cut out sugars and carbs and then i do well for a while and start feeling weak so i end up having rubbish or something sugary etc

    What do people recommend to help weight loss and strengthen up, I don't want to get massive either, i want to be strong and healthy...
  2. offwidth

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    You will get as many opinions here as there are SF members...

    A lot of folks here seem to have good results with forms of intermittent fasting and 'under eating'.
    Getting adequate protein
    Eating more or less 'natural' and 'wholesome' foods.

    And my personal favourite... lots of LED locomotive endurance training

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  3. Steve Freides

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    Eat like your great-grandparents ate.

    No low-fat or low-calorie or artificial anything.

    Hunger is a habit. Breaking habits is hard. Be prepared for anything from a few hard weeks to a few hard months of feeling hungry, but don't allow yourself to feel weak.

    Buy and read "The Warrior Diet" - it is inspirational reading for I.F.

    One man's food day, mine yesterday:

    AM: coffee with heavy cream, vitamins.

    Noon: 2 veggie eggrolls (my wife had bought, no one was eating them, and I hate throwing away food) with a little sweet thai chile sauce ('nam jim kai') plus more coffee with heavy cream. Otherwise, normally a protein bar and coffee.

    Dinner: a thick hamburger (grass-fed beef) on an onion roll, an avocado, asparagus, all made with generous amounts of salt and other seasonings. I was still hungry, so desert was locally-made ricotta cheese with honey, and a coffee.

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  4. Abdul-Rasheed

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    "Meat for strength; Veggies for health", not sure where I have heard this but it stuck with me.

    I have learned that this means your body is carb-dependent for fuel; A "switch has to be flipped" inside to change it to fat-dependent. Some kind of Low-carb diet coupled with low-intensity aerobic exercise should help with that. I am no expert. Others can correct me. Let me tag who advocates keto way of eating.
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  5. IggyM

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    Brilliant thanks guys I kind of know my diet is rubbish and yes it's hard to stick to it, is there a set time you should and shouldn't be eating? My working hours are 5 in the morning till 5-6 in the evening and sometimes I miss food or I over indulge
  6. Steve Freides

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    @IggyM, when you're at work, eat but don't have a meal.

    E.g., buy a sandwich but have only half of it, and only water, tea, or coffee to drink with it. Have the other half a few hours later. So, e.g., 5 am work, 11 am half a sandwich, 3 pm other half of sandwich. That's better, and while it's not strictly IF, it's a good step. No chips, no anything else, and you are purposely just trying to take the edge of your hunger but also trying _not_ to feel full and trying _not_ to have a meal, just a little something.

  7. IggyM

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    Ok so because I dont want to eat bread or carbs could I change it to say protein shake then just a chicken breast then say another protein shake or is that too much?
  8. Steve Freides

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    I don't avoid bread/carbs, just keep them to a reasonable size. A big key to making this work is, just like selecting an appropriate exercise or an appropriate bw movement, finding an appropriate challenge. By this I mean you want to change your diet in a noticeable way, but you don't want to go keto unless that is your specific aim.

    Put another way, we like to train strength in the 75% of 1RM range. That's a good diet goal, too. Don't do the maximum you could do, but neither should you do something that's such a small change it won't matter.

    Yes, you have the right idea. Steady and moderately, sustainably challenging is what you want, whatever that is for you.

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  9. vegpedlr

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    Calorie density

    Learn and apply the principles of calorie density to lower the calorie count for an equal volume of food.

    That means fiber intact, minimally processed whole grains, legumes, fruits and veggies prepared with “wet” cooking methods. Ditch the refined concentrated fats and sugars, which are super calorie dense. Do get plenty of fiber intact complex carbs, which goes a long way towards
  10. More than 500 posts

    The Ketogenic Diet

    I've been on the Keto Diet for over three years due to a metabolic issue.

    I like the diet but I am not an advocated of it for the majority of individuals.

    That because it is very restrictive. The harder something is to follow, the less likely someone is to stick with the program. That is why I am not an advocate of the diet for the majority.

    There are some other good eating plan that are easier to follow.

    The best one is that one that you can stick with.

    Kenny Croxdale
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  11. Kaisersemmel

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    I get the majority of my shopping and meal prep done on the weekend and I have a dozen or so meals that are roughly 2:2:1 in protein:carbs:fat [g] that are easy to prepare and that I enjoy eating. If a meal doesn't look all that tasty on a particular day I can always drown it in hot sauce. It's working out for me OK and near my work place I would need to spend a lot of money to buy meals that aren't crap. So I am actually spending less for better food with minimal extra effort.

    I basically looked at lists of ingredients that are high in certain minerals and vitamins, picked my favorites, put them all in a spreadsheet, worked out the macros and kcal and then worked out what I could make from them. I buy most stuff I need on saturday and prepare it if necessary. Meat I get from the butcher more often.
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  12. LoriLifts

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    Intermittent fasting works for me.
    For most of the year, I’ve been following a 20hr fasting/4 hr feeding schedule.
    20 hours is black coffee and water
    4 hours is one snack, an entree and usually a dessert.

    I eat whatever I want. My only rule is the 4 hr eating window.
    If I want to lose a few lbs, I shorten my eating window.
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  13. wespom9

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    Hey @IggyM ,
    congrats on taking a step forward in looking to improve your health.
    It sounds like you've had a few attempts at an "all or nothing" approach regarding health. It's tough going from a "0" to a "10" in your diet or exercise habits. Why not focus on moving from a "0" to a"1"?
    What is one small change you could make this week that will move the needle in a positive direction?
    Maybe it's focusing on having one healthy dinner this week. How confident would you be to achieve that goal? Do that for a week or two. Rinse, repeat.
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