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Discussion in 'Kettlebell' started by Dogchapman7, May 19, 2019.

  1. Dogchapman7

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    Hi relatively new trainee when it comes to kettlebells. Seriously nearly through in the towel on them but will not be a quitter as I know how great they can be so have come to the forum. Been an avid reader on here for a while. Bought my first kettlebell 9 years ago a 32kg cast iron covered in vinyl. Could not press it. Returned it for a 24kg of same type but all I used it for was bottoms up presses and bottoms up snatches due to the vertical distance between bell and handle being too close the pain was unbearable. Didn't touch kettlebells again for years then got a 24kg wolverson black series and a body max cast iron 32kg that were both comfortable to rack and press but still didn't have the discipline to stick with.
    Come april 2019 and a craving not to give up I have 2 newly acquired awesome powder coated bells. a 24kg and a 28kg. Both relatively easy to press can bottoms up both bells. I'm basically a clean and presser. I've been doing doubles alternating sides. My question is should I get the 32 and 36 next which I could strict press and keep doing single arm and uneven weighted doubles or grab another 24 or 28 and become more efficient before jumping up weight. Probably already answered my own question but any 2 cents appreciated.
  2. Steve Freides

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    A bit more background would be useful. Why, e.g., are you so focused on the C&P?

    Welcome to the StrongFirst forum.

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    Cheers Steve i would say time. the reason clean and press is my go to workouts is because there the easiest lol not as much of a learning curve and for me biggest bang for my buck. I normally do 50 reps clean and press with dumbells/ kettlebells or a 100lb sandbag in sets of 5 as little rest as possible followed up with 50 reps strict press sets of 5 and I'm done. Not much time to train due to life getting in the way. I find I can knock that out in 20 to 30 minutes depending on which tool I use whether doubles or single arm and I also feel 3 times a week keeps me ticking over. If I have more time I'll throw in some bottoms up presses or get ups and stuff but my technique is awful on these not gonna lie.
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    Sorry background training has always been solely focused/ obsessed with big triceps and forearms anything else that got worked with these was a bonus of thse movements like chest getting hit on diamond pushups biceps getting hit on fat grip or towel curls. These days I don't care about how a muscle looks I just wanna be healthy and that's why im not giving up on kettlebells anymore and gonna keep practicing all other kettlebell movements with my spare time at end of clean n press
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    Just saw this. My advice is to post a video of your technique. I know that's not really what you asked. Given the weights you're using and your self-admitted poor technique on other movements, I think there's some potential for injury if you keep pushing up the weights.
    If you can improve your technique, then take a few weeks and do that.
    If your technique is solid, then I would go straight to 36 kg, since you can bottoms-up press a 28 kg. I prefer unilateral work if the goal is overall health and functionality, although buying a second 28 kg wouldn't be a bad idea either. If you're interested in doubles work, you could just start out with uneven doubles and see how you like it.

    And welcome to the forum ;)
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    I second @Snowman ’s recommendation mainly because of what you said...

    From my experience, the C&P is not so easy and if not done properly could lead to injury.
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