Nose breathing for base building

Discussion in 'Other' started by Karl, Feb 11, 2019 at 11:07 PM.

  1. Karl

    Karl Double-Digit Post Count

    Last year I utilized a HRM to run at my MAF rate (180-46). I was really impressed how my annual attendance at the 10 mile pear blossom run went after 4 months of MAF pace running. Considering I never exceeded my MAF prior to the race, I effortlessly kept an 8:30 pace. Not fast by any means, but it was easy.

    I noticed I could nose breath easily for my MAF pace. Could I just nose breath to set my base building pace instead of messing with a HRM?

    Long story short I left my garmin chest HRM in a hotel. Now I dont want to buy another. I will because MAF did me right. Just wondering if i could simplify and let my nose set the pace.

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  2. vegpedlr

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    Nasal breathing is trainable. WhenI first started, I could use it to stay under MAF. After a few months, I could easily go much higher before feeling the need to mouth breathe. My advice is to stick with the HRM.
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  3. jef

    jef SFG1, SFB Certified Instructor

    As @vegpedlr wrote, nose breathing is trainable.
    I am still nose breathing with a HR close to 180, so it won't be a good indicator for MAF running.

    By the way, it is still a very good idea to go into nose breathing (in and out) all the time for an amateur athlete.
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  4. Karl

    Karl Double-Digit Post Count

    Thank you for the input.

    I have gone for runs this winter where I didn't look at my watch, just ran a comfortable pace while nose breathing. I was over my maf by 10 to 20 bpm. So I guess I answered my own question. Go buy another chest strap.

    Funny thing is hiking/rucking with 70# is easy to keep under my maf at an easy nose breath. But I've been a professional hiker with a weighted pack 6 months a year for a long time.

  5. Oscar

    Oscar Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    +1 to Jef and Vegpedlr. I can nose breath way above my MAF. If you dont have your HRM, I think your best guess is running speed, as long as you are in flat terrain. Otherwise, you can probably go by feel after 4 months, right? And in doubt, go a bit slower.
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  6. Bret S.

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  7. wespom9

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    I think learning to nose breathe during recovery, as well as during aerobic activity has been one of the best insights of the last 3 years for me.
  8. Bret S.

    Bret S. Quadruple-Digit Post Count Certified Instructor

    Nose breathing exclusively for the last few months has made me better at nose breathing, and has made my nose clearer and more efficient. I haven't been forced out of it by training since I started, and yes, I can nose breath well above MAF so the HRM is needed during LED.
    In the beginning I would catch myself trying to take a 'stress' mouth breath, now I don't get the urge at all. My concentration is on using less air while at rest or during training.
  9. Bill Been

    Bill Been More than 500 posts

    Being able to to nose breathe at a high heart rate, plus $2.39, will get you a cup of coffee.
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  10. North Coast Miller

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    Have recently gotten to where I can nose breath through my HIIT repeats.

    I still have to suck a breath or two right after I stop each interval, but is just a matter of time before that will no longer be necessary either.

    When I started doing these I couldn't even breath through my mouth with any sort of rhythm during the working intervals.
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  11. psmith

    psmith Double-Digit Post Count

    I've heard it said that it's a useful skill for combat sports so you don't get hit while your jaw is slack and break something, though I don't know and this is in any case a pretty niche application.

    I think this is a fairly common experience for bigger guys and those of us without a running specialization background.
  12. vegpedlr

    vegpedlr More than 500 posts

    Noses are for breathing, mouths are for other things. While using the right tool for the job isn’t always necessary, it usually works better.
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  13. Bret S.

    Bret S. Quadruple-Digit Post Count Certified Instructor

    McDonalds has decent coffee for $1.19 ROFL
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  14. Steve Freides

    Steve Freides Dir. of Community Engagement Staff Member Senior Instructor

    Nasal breathing will, for most people, enable you to calm yourself quicker, return to a target recovery heart rate quicker, etc.

    One can learn to nose-only breath with a very high heart rate so, in that sense, one cannot necessarily take the ability to breath nasal-only as an indication that one's heart rate hasn't gone very high. I have done nose-only breathing, through practice, with my HR at max. It's not particularly fun but it can be done.

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  15. Steve Freides

    Steve Freides Dir. of Community Engagement Staff Member Senior Instructor

    That depends on what you mean by "decent." :)

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  16. Bret S.

    Bret S. Quadruple-Digit Post Count Certified Instructor

    Nasal breathing encourages belly breathing too, while sucking air during karate classes I was taught from the start to nose breath, stand up straight (no hands on knees) and belly breath for fastest recovery. That's been my go to for 32 years now, the last time I was forced to mouth breath was doing VWC snatching for 40 mins in temp 100 F. I'm really enjoying A+A with LED, it's a game changer and my recoveries are much better.
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  17. Bret S.

    Bret S. Quadruple-Digit Post Count Certified Instructor

    Ummm.. has caffeine? :D
  18. Karl

    Karl Double-Digit Post Count

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  19. Steve Freides

    Steve Freides Dir. of Community Engagement Staff Member Senior Instructor

    You're talking to someone who home roasts his own coffee here. Just sayin' ...

  20. Bret S.

    Bret S. Quadruple-Digit Post Count Certified Instructor

    That would be my preference too, but on the fly McD's coffee is a good source, I won't pay for starducks, their coffee has a burnt taste I think.

    My dream is to live on the Big Island on the Kona Coast. Kona is my absolute favorite coffee, especially fresh stuff there and delicious tasting, smooth and not acidic.. (y)

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