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Old Program Minimum

John Rhodes

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Old PM
S&S for MMA
I finished a month of PTTP and the old S&S stuff just seemed to build a little more of the 3D strength I use in construction. Deadlifts rule and I’ll run another round of it after a while.

I thought about the old ETK PM some swings/snatches and shadow boxing/jogging 20 minutes w a loaded carry cool down on M/Th and TGU+Crush Curls(helps w shoulder pain)for 30 minutes like kettlebells Strongfirst program on T/F. Saturday or Sunday could be another swing/snatch day or TGU practice.

Or the S&S article as well for a while. I love the idea of push presses alternating w TGU! I have beat up shoulders and don’t know how I’ll do with that volume of push presses.

Has anyone done the old PM recently? Has another done S&S w alternating push presses/TGU days? I OAS a 36, TGU 36 and can press it 3 times.

Just looking at an in-out simple program for the holidays like 20-30 min 4-5 days a week.
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Have you tried rocking or crawling from Original Strength? They'll probably do a lot to strengthen and rehab your shoulders. Personally, I think they both combines perfectly with swings and form the true program minimum. There are all kinds of variations of rocking and crawling to challenge your legs or upper body if the basic versions are too easy.
I do love some crawling. Hardstyle KB Pro had a BW simple and sinister with crawling and jump squats to program crawling as the grind. Crawling backwards up a hill or down a hill/stairs will make one ridiculously strong.
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