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Off-Topic Older Athletes: Anyone Use TRT or Peptides?


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Are there any older athletes here who have [legitimately] used TRT or peptides? If so, can you please provide feedback?
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Protein shakes now and then, creatine at certain periods. I am being bombarded with everything TRT and how great it is, that is why I am suspicious.

Vitamin D and sometimes fish oil.

By the way, I have learned a great natural vitamin source. Eat your mushroom with Sun on top ;)

I am not even keen on protein shake and creatine, I will stop shakes once my weight loss period is finalized.

I don’t criticize anyone doing anything.

We just need to think twice. The TRT marketing machine is fully on.
Are there any older athletes here who have [legitimately] used TRT or peptides? If so, can you please provide feedback?

Jokes aside...

I'm not sure what country you're in, but in the USA, to be legit peptides have to be prescribed by a doctor and, on top of that, have to be ordered via a compounding pharmacy.

Not cheap, and rarely covered by insurance.

As a consequence, most of the people I've met using them in local CF boxes are going the gray / black market route.

With who-knows-what level of purity.
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Are there any older athletes here who have [legitimately] used TRT or peptides?
Not me and I am one of the older ones here at 67 (and soon to be 68). I believe TRT is testosterone replacement therapy. If that's right, I have no idea what my level is, and at my annual physical exam, my doctor has never mentioned it to me.

Peptide? A school spirit rally held oceanside? Related to Pepto Bismol? All kidding aside, I've heard the term in the past, looked it up, and if memory serves, it seems to be frowned upon.

The only difference I've noticed in getting older thus far has been that I'm able to do lifting that would have caused me to get hungry and put muscle on me in the past, and it doesn't make me hungry. In every other way, I'm as good as I ever was so far as I can tell, and I keep getting stronger.

Supplements? Vitamins - multi-vitamin every day, and I take potassium and magnesium because I get muscle cramps if I don't, something I attribute to the fact that I eat a whole lot less than I used to and I don't really care for either fruits, or vegetables except cooked, mushy ones. I also take Vitamin D. Lately, I've been experimenting - in large part because of things I read on this forum - with supplementing Vitamin C also.

Medicine? I grew up a very sickly child, and sometimes when I get a cold, I take Mucinex DM, which is a cough suppressant and expectorant just to help me break the cycle of inflamed sinuses that I can fall into. That's maybe once or twice a year. Nothing else, no prescription medicines, no regular use of ibuprofen/naproxen/aspirin.

I'll give you my shoe size and blood type if you want. :)

Sixty five here. I don’t need it. Once you start you have to stay on it.
You can stop taking it but your boy’s may not come back. There are
ways to bring’em back but the older you are the less likely.

It’s been said massive amounts of Liver helps.
I don’t know about peptide’.
Also, on a personal level:

Even with a doctor arrangement to make peptides legal, they're almost all still banned by USADA / WADA with no recognized TUEs (that I know of).

One of my competitors on the other side of the country got popped at a local weightlifting meet, his results DQed, and a ban on returning to competition for a while.

So I can't use them without breaking the rules.
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50 here. I take nothing but regular doses of iron.
I once thought about taking iron because my values were in the bottom of the normal range, but then I learned that lower is better than higher as long as you're within the normal range. Has your doctor suggested you take an iron supplement?

@watchnerd - TUE? Therapeutic Use Exemption? Just a guess on my part.

I noticed peptides mentioned a few times. Is that the same thing as collagen peptides?
Thanks for any info.
I noticed peptides mentioned a few times. Is that the same thing as collagen peptides?
Thanks for any info.


"Peptide", generically, just means an amino acid chain.

In this context, it's referring to designer peptides that have metabolic and / or androgenic effects and / or neurologic effects.
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I'll say this about peptides as PEDs, as I train pretty regularly alongside people who use them.

[enter soap box]

If your skills suck, it won't make you better.

If you're a good amateur and not an elite professional pushing the boundaries of what is humanly possible, it doesn't give you that much of an edge compared to just being diligent with your recovery, nutrition, sleep, and following smart programming that doesn't leave you at the ragged edge of over-training.

The biggest users (abusers?) I've seen are folks who are just trying to do too much when it comes to balancing training vs real life commitments, weekend warriors who think they can make it to the CF games while holding down a 40 hour a week job and raising kids if they just did 'more'.

And >35 year old men who haven't made the proper lifestyle adjustments in terms of nutrition, sleep, and programming to fit their mid life biological realities, and instead try to eat, drink, and train as if they're 25, but instead of adjusting their lifestyles, look to peptides as a quick fix.

And guys who are eating Doritos and chocolate milk, LARPing as strength athletes, realizing their health markers are horrible, but instead of embarking on serious lifestyle adjustments, cling to their identity as a 'lift big, eat big' kind of guy and turn to peptides to try to compensate.

And guys who don't want to pay the dues in the iron game, do the work, do the reps -- who want in 2 years what it takes 5 to 10 years to get.

All that being said -- it's your body and your choice.

[soap box over]
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