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Discussion in 'Bodyweight' started by Geoff Chafe, Oct 29, 2019.

  1. Geoff Chafe

    Geoff Chafe Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    I can do solid One Arm Chinup with the other arm grasping the wrist of the pulling arm. How far away from a One Arm Chinup am I?

    My other stats are not great:
    - 5RM Pullup
    - 7RM Chinup
    - 3RM RT Pullup
    - 12kg Pullup
    - 24kg Chinup
    - 12kg RT Pullup

    *105kg BW
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  2. q.Hung

    q.Hung More than 500 posts

    I did that at 9th grade, and until first year of university i was able to do one arm quite far :)
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  3. Tarzan

    Tarzan More than 500 posts

    I could do 3 with the right and 2 with left last year. I took this vid last year the day after my 50th birthday party after 2 months of not doing any pullup work to see if I was still good for an OAC . I was still drunk when I attempted it, no dead hangs, so not full reps, I just missed getting my chin past the bar but I thought it was OK after the keg we drank the night before.
  4. ClaudeR

    ClaudeR Triple-Digit Post Count

    I can do the same, but alas, a proper one arm chin is very far away (I tried ROFL over and over again)... the arm gripping the wrist seems to add a lot of pulling

    The usual advice is to build up weighted chins to at least 60% of BW added (63kg in your case), then add specific training for OA chins... no idea on the validity of that approach as I stopped trying to get to a OA chinup
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  5. ClaudeR

    ClaudeR Triple-Digit Post Count

    BTW I can pull myself up a rope with my arms only which must require some one arm pulling strength, but it never translated to a full ROM OAC. Go figure...
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  6. s f

    s f Double-Digit Post Count

    A progression you may try--

    from opposing hand on wrist of pulling hand then to forearm,elbow crease,biceps,shoulder.
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  7. offwidth

    offwidth More than 5000 posts

    Unfortunately probably pretty far...
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  8. Geoff Chafe

    Geoff Chafe Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    @offwidth I see that now. I was curious because that was the first time I had attempted a One Arm Chin before.

    I will have to try one for real.
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  9. Geoff Chafe

    Geoff Chafe Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    Thank you. Very helpful.

    I don’t have any specific goal in mind. It will be a nice add on for grip and pulling strength though.
  10. Marc

    Marc Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    @Geoff Chafe This version is far from a one arm chinup. If one arm chins are a goal of yours you should work on specific progressions like archer pullups, uneven pullups, assisted one arm pullups/chinups.
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  11. Nate

    Nate Triple-Digit Post Count

    I was able to Chin with an additional 70% BW & was barely able to do one true 1 arm chin. Its really tough.
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  12. Tarzan

    Tarzan More than 500 posts

    I think it's pretty impressive that you can do that type of pullup @Geoff Chafe , a lot of guys your size struggle to do a single unweighted pullup with two hands. Your chinup with 24kg added is quite impressive too, that's like a guy my size doing them with 44kg added, most people won't get close to that without a lot of dedicated training.

    I've really got to question the value of an OAC for most people though (myself included). The amount of time and energy that you have to devote to them just isn't worth it for most people. I can't deadlift or squat because of my knees so for me that sort training didn't take any energy from the main lifts as it really was my main lift. For a lean rock climber it would have a bit of value but really even then not that much benefit.

    I started with weighted pullups and when I could do a single with 80% of my bodyweight added I started working with a pulley. It a was balancing act, I went through cycles of making progression, getting tendonitis and having to back off for a few months before I closed in on it. It's just way too hard on the elbows or it was for me anyway.
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  13. offwidth

    offwidth More than 5000 posts

    Agreed... rockclimbing is about technique and skill... not raw strength. In fact, strength can end up masking poor skill...
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  14. Geoff Chafe

    Geoff Chafe Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    @Marc Assisted One Arm Chin with a band sounds good.

    It would help out of the bottom and add stability to allow me to overload a bit. Less strength used for anti rotation will allow for more quality volume.

    I have been using a lot of One Arm Hangs on a 33mm and 48mm bar. I had some shoulder instability after an extended hiatus from barbell training, and I think One Arm Hangs are an exercise for health.

    I have also been adding in Overhead Supports and Carries with a Yoke Rack. With one some single arm rotated in. I have done 280lb for 20ft, Press Support 320lb, Squat Support 360lb, and One Arm Support 190lb.

    I am looking at the Assisted One Arm Chin more as a health lift. I have never pursued Pullup strength. It’s always been an assistance exercise. Interestingly my barbell strength is weaker than it has been in some years and my pullup strength is better than it has been in years.
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  15. pet'

    pet' More than 5000 posts


    From my modest and personal experience, I was able to do the OAC once I reached 4 chin ups with 70% added in a row. If I remember well, this is also what Al Kavadlo says.

    Though it requires raw strength, this move remains fairly technical and is a skill per se:
    - tight grip on the bar
    - lift the shoulder to parallel
    - use the momentum to engage the biceps from the hang arm to perform the move, while slightly twisting the the torso. I'd add that this is even better not using the leg to get some "kipping".

    This is extremely easy to get injured with this move. Plus, it does not transfer to a lot of things. I think this is safer to do slightly more sets and reps with a slightly lighter weight, but with a regular 2 armed version.

    Indeed, chasing this move can interfere - to a degree - with a proper recovery and endurance.

    Kind regards,

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  16. Machete

    Machete SFG II, SFB Certified Instructor

    This was my instructors' gripe with me when I was bouldering in college. "He isn't a GOOD climber, he's just strong, light, and flexible."

    Have you tried uneven Chin-ups, where you have a full grip on one hand and maybe a two-finger (or one) grip on the other? Your fingers have different strength levels, so you can constantly adjust the resistance. Eventually when you're doing it with a pinky grip you're either almost there, or your pinky has developed a massive amount of strength--either way, you win. :)

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