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Bodyweight One Arm Push Up Physique

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One Arm Pushups, on the floor, have undoubtedly added to my shoulders and triceps.

This was achieved through sets of 1-3 through out the day. Never really touched sets of 4-6.

While you may not achieve the "pump" like with other pushups, the OAPU does indeed affect the look of one's body.

Instead of feeling more pumped up, the muscles in my shoulders, chest, arms, and midsection are simply harder and more vascular

Would like to hear about other's experience with the OAPU / OAOLPU changing their body.

Power to you, Naked Warrior!


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I have had the same feeling. Basically, it makes the upper body 'denser' because you use as much tension as you can.

I figured out 2 "options" using this move to get both hypertrophy and strength, while using GTG.
> Slow eccentric and fast concentric (let say 5111)
> Drop set: after the OAP / OAOL, a set of an easier version

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From personal experience I can attest that OAPU really add a lot to the look of your upper body. When I did OAPU and Pistols only I thought it will not do much in terms of looks but I was very wrong. I did them almost daily (although not spread over the day but within one single session) to learn the movement.
Nowadays (that I got the moves -/+ down) I would do them 3x/week and do a big pull (like snatches, swings, high pulls) 2x/week.
As an absolute bare minimum programme I would even omit Pistols and do OAPU and Snatches only. Like so:

Train 3x/week

1: OAPU: 5-10 x 1-5
2: Kettlebell Snatch: alternate btw single and double

Once you can do 5x5 OAPU strongly with no more than 3mins rest between sets you are one strong individual and need to find something else.
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I have nothing really to add to the to the discussion except I agree. My upper body (all of it not just traditional pushing muscles) feel stronger/denser/bigger. Plus OAOL bottom position planks seem to work my quads from all the full body tention.

I’ll be curious to see how it effects my kettlebell practice when I get home.
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