one KB for life

Discussion in 'Kettlebell' started by kb02, Apr 18, 2016.

  1. kb02

    kb02 Triple-Digit Post Count

    If you could only have one ,what size and type would it be??? No goal oriented stuff just one for everything.
  2. Anna C

    Anna C More than 5000 posts Elite Certified Instructor

    16kg. Most versatile, most usable for as many reps as I want to do for 1H swings, presses, get-ups, snatches, squats, cleans, bent presses, windmills, 1-leg deadlifts, and easy 2H swings. And it doesn't intimidate me when I'm feeling less than strong, or not warmed up.
  3. kb02

    kb02 Triple-Digit Post Count

    I'd have to agree with that reasoning, for me probably a 20 kg hardstyle . I bet someone is thinking 48kg . Just not me. :)
  4. Will Moore

    Will Moore Triple-Digit Post Count

    A 20kg for me, as well. I imagine that a 24kg would be my answer with more history under tension.
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  5. MattM

    MattM SFG1 Certified Instructor

    Can I have other training equipment or is this lone kb all I can use forever?
  6. kb02

    kb02 Triple-Digit Post Count

    Only 1 KB .I guess bodyweight exercises too.
  7. BrianCF

    BrianCF More than 300 posts

    24 kg. 16 is too light for squatting.
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  8. MattM

    MattM SFG1 Certified Instructor

    I might say a 40. Might seem heavy but don't forget other movements like 1 arm rows, floor presses, single leg deads, loaded carries.

    Might choose a 32 for snatches and get ups though.

    I don't know but I wouldn't want to outgrow a lighter one.
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  9. kb02

    kb02 Triple-Digit Post Count

    Good point
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  10. Pavel Macek

    Pavel Macek More than 2500 posts Master Instructor

    It depends on your strength and skill level - different people, different weights.

    If I had to choose just 1 bell today, I would probably take 32. Few years ago, 24. And during next few years, I hope 40.
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  11. Harry Westgate

    Harry Westgate More than 500 posts

    @Pavel Macek makes a good point, for me, today, 24kg, but soon I hope it'll be the 32kg.
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  12. MikeMoran

    MikeMoran Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    Right now TODAY I would say a 32kg.

    Now a pair? 2x28kg's
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  13. Abdul-Rasheed

    Abdul-Rasheed Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    At this point 16kg for me.
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  14. andrewswanson

    andrewswanson Triple-Digit Post Count

    I think I would have to choose the 28kg. Perfect inbetween weight, because the 32 can be too heavy and 24 too light depending on the exercise.
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  15. Mr. Nobody

    Mr. Nobody Double-Digit Post Count

    For me it would be a 32kg (less than 1/3 of BW) competition KB. :) My favourite KB lifts are the more dynamic quick lifts with one arm and a 32k is heavy enough to maintain some good strength.
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  16. JamesO

    JamesO More than 500 posts

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  17. kb02

    kb02 Triple-Digit Post Count

    Ah interesting. I think double 20s for me.
  18. MikeTheBear

    MikeTheBear More than 500 posts

    Well, assuming we could do bodyweight exercises, run and/or sprint, I would choose the 32 kg. A bit heavy now but I would grow into it. I would use the 32 for strength and run/sprint for "cardio." Eventually the 32 would start to feel light and would be more strength-endurance, but the 32 would be pretty tough to outgrow.

    Funny, I now have only one pair of KBs and they are 32s. I don't really feel the need to get another pair (but we'll see). My logic: however many C&J reps I can get using a pair of 32s I should (at least) get using any smaller KB pair. Plus I can always supplement with a lighter or heavier barbell.
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  19. John Spezzano

    John Spezzano Triple-Digit Post Count Team Leader Certified Instructor

    Fun thread! I'd say 28k. Light enough for a lot of squats, swings, presses and get ups, plus just going bottoms up with it will make all of those easy exercises really hard.
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  20. kb02

    kb02 Triple-Digit Post Count

    I hope next year I can come back and say 28 kg or 32kg .

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