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Nolan De Leon

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Hello everyone,

I have a quick question about S&S. Before beginning the Turkish Get ups, does the minute of rest start immediately after the bell is placed down on the ground after the final set of one arm swings OR after the five minutes allotted for the one arm swings?

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Anna C

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If you're doing your swings in sets of 10 with rest in between (as intended), there will only be about 14 seconds of difference between the two scenarios you describe.

The Sinister page provides a more precise definition and says you need to do the swing on the :30... then 1 minute rest, then the get-ups in 10 minutes. So 16 min total.


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The way I interpret it is that you get 1 minute's rest after your alloted 5 minutes of swing time. Otherwise, it feels like you're getting penalised if you finish your swings early.
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